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The surprise attack of Pearl Harbor by the Imperial Japanese Navy was intended to neutralize the U.S. Pacific Fleet, and hence protect Japan's advance into Malaya and the Dutch East Indies.
In July 1941, Japan occupied southern Indochina. Two days later, the U.S., Britain, and the Netherlands froze Japanese assets. This prevented Japan from buying oil, which would, in time, cripple its army and make its navy and air force completely useless.

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See also: Japanese war crimes. The attack took place before any formal declaration of war was made by Japan, but ...

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War itself generally makes little sense, but the attack on Pearl Harbor has ... The U.S. placed an embargo on Japan by prohibiting exports of steel, scrap iron, ...

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Pearl Harbor attack is a dark day in American history, but why did Japan attack Pearl ... Did Japan attack America because it was great fun, or something else?

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Sep 13, 2014 ... The Japanese did not see their attack on Pearl Harbor as foolish at all. What in retrospect seems suicidal did not necessarily seem so at the ...

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Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor 2min ... The attack on Pearl Harbor was a surprise, but Japan and the United States had been edging toward ... Did You Know?

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While 100 Japanese perished in the attack, more than 2,400 Americans were killed, with another 1,200 injured. The causes of the attack on Pearl Harbor stemmed from intensifying Japanese-American rivalry in the Pacific. ... Did you Know.

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Because of the Japanese Empire's need for oil, which conflicted with the United States's global strategic goals and contributed to the breakdown of negotiati...

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Feb 20, 2009 ... Attack on Pearl Harbor caused the United States declare war with Japan correct ? Well I want to know WHY Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

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The Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941. President Franklin Roosevelt called December 7, 1941, "a date which will live in infamy." On that day ...

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Q: Why did the Japanese bomb pearl harbor?
A: Japan had few natural resources [oil] nor the goods/steel needed for the manufacture of military goods. They wanted to dominate Asia and had already invaded oth... Read More »
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Q: Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor?
A: Jordan: The US put a scrap steel and oil embargo on Japan due to their agression in China. Japan has no oil of its own. The Japanese navy and army had about a... Read More »
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Q: Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor?
A: They attacked Hawaii (Schofield Barracks, Pearl Harbor, Hickam Field, etc. Singapore, the Philippines, and Wake at the same time in order to knock the US out fo... Read More »
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Q: Why did the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor?
A: Maybe. They needed the U.S. to enter war with Japan so they would stop Read More »
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Q: Why did the Japanese bomb pearl harbor?
A: The U.S. and UK disapproved of Japan's (invading China)actions, and responded with diplomatic pressure, condemning Japan's aggression in China. Japan didn't bac... Read More »
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