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There is widespread disagreement over the turning point of the American Civil War. The idea of ... Until this time, the North was generally confident about its prospects for quickly crushing the rebellion with an easy, direct strike against .... After winning the Battle of Chancellorsville, the Army of Northern Virginia lost Lt. Gen.


Alan Farmer explains why the North won the American Civil War. On 10 April 1865, General ... the Civil War. Did the Confederacy defeat itself or was it defeated?


The Civil War, or the "War between the states," was fought on both moral and economic grounds. It was certain advantages, however, inherent in the North, that ...


Nov 23, 2014 ... The North had a population of 22 million people against the 9 million in the ... When Did the Civil War End? Who Were the Civil War Generals?


Dec 12, 2012 ... The North won the Civil War for three main reasons. The North had more resources. The Civil War was a modern war in that it was won largely ...


Advantages of the North in the American Civil War and factors that played the key role in the outcome of the war.


2 Reasons Why the North Won the Civil War ... British laborers hated slavery and wouldn't support the South even if that meant costing them jobs, which it did.


Q. When did the Southern states secede from the Union? ... North Carolina - May 20, 1861 .... Q. Did anybody win the Medal of Honor in the Civil War? Yes.

Oct 14, 2013 ... On May 19th, 1863, the Union military launched a siege on the trading port of Vicksburg, trapping thousands of residents and troops inside city ...


Although the Confederacy was richer per head than the Union (meaning they could buy proportionally more stuff from other countries), were faster to ramp up to a ...