Did you mean: Why Didn't Germany Pirate Party Capitalize On NSA Anger?
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Pirate Party Fails to Capitalize on NSA Scandal - SPIEGEL ONLINE


Sep 19, 2013 ... Pirate Party Fails to Capitalize on NSA Scandal. Die Homepage ... Sinking Ship: Germany's Struggling Pirate Party. By Annett ... The Pirates didn't even manage to win 3 percent in the Bavarian capital, Munich. The party lacks ...

Brexit-Beleaguered Bankers Back to Begging for Bailouts!


Jul 10, 2016 ... Both Italy and Germany have too many banks that are not profitable ... I wonder if European taxpayers are angry enough yet to revolt ... What he didn't say is that the US bailout took place nearly a decade ... in the past,present and future, the public can capitalize some new ..... We are not copyright pirates.

'Enough is enough': Berlin outraged by alleged US spying — RT News


Jul 6, 2014 ... Activists of German Pirate party wearing mask featuring US ... committee has been holding hearings on the NSA's spying activities in Germany.

Cowardice, deceit and why Dave's not the only one in a fix over ...


Jan 18, 2013 ... He didn't want to define what this means — and he certainly had no clue how to achieve it. ... next election, the Tories may not be the only party in turmoil over Europe. .... Montel Williams is 'briefly detained' by German customs for medical ..... I felt validation and I felt angry it took so long: Gretche...

Why Pakistanis are angry about Taliban leader's death – Global ...


Nov 6, 2013 ... Islamabad says it's angry because the United States “sabotaged” prospective peace ... might eventually capitalize on the TTP's unsettled state and launch a fresh offensive. ... Next entry »Britney Spears vs Somali pirates? .... Perhaps if the "brave" terrorists didn't use women, children, innocent c...

Why the rich are freaking out - Ben White - POLITICO.com


... Side say the progressive mayor didn't plow their streets as a form of frosty revenge. ... In Germany you don't find such bazillioanires arrogating themselves as the .... I'm pretty angry about being asked to pay a trillion dollars on a medical ... You're one of the middle class whose penchant for narcissism they capi...

DownWithTyranny!: November 2008


Nov 30, 2008 ... Our three winners turned out to be a bit disappointing and we didn't ... Vic was unable to capitalize on it, with 18% going to a third-party candidate. ... and filled with anger towards Democrats and a yen for revenge, can't be counted on. ..... and the NSA officials who listened in on phone calls from Pakistan,...

The Brazen Truth - Blog by Patriot Nurse – The Patriot Nurse


Jul 27, 2016 ... 3) Capitalize on superstitions (pig's blood, et al) and use them as effective ... Jefferson who knew full well the savagery of the Barbary Pirates. ... It worked against Germany and Japan – and it's time to implement the method again. ..... she swore under oath she didn't) from her unsecure email-- informati...

Debt Rattle April 13 2016 - The Automatic Earth


Apr 13, 2016 ... The press stated that the German government will sue the European Central Bank if .... the official paper of the Communist Party, described in this elegant manner: .... Eurosceptic MPs are also angry that Cameron's government has spent over .... It just confirms that money made during the boom years didn't ...

CONTRARY BRIN: The Future is Here: A sci fi weekend roundup!


Aug 6, 2016 ... Did you read that Germany has submitted draft legislation to the EU granting personhood to robots? .... a near-future tale of space pirates, computer hackers and terrorists. ... The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet, by newcomer Becky ..... Bill Clinton's policies didn't create that boom - but merely capitalized ...

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At long last, Angela Merkel is sworn in as German chancellor (+video)


Dec 17, 2013 ... She is Germany's most popular politician, and won a resounding electoral ... Why didn't Germany's Pirate Party capitalize on NSA anger?

Writer's Web: Capitalization


Proper names of gods are capitalized: Krishna, Hera, Odin. Brand names: ex. ... " You Earth creatures make me VERY angry, " the Martian shouted as he pulled out his disintegrator. ... Democrat, Republican, German Social Democratic Party.

The Global Economy Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme


Mar 26, 2016 ... They wanted quick in-and-out profits, while German banks didn't insist that their .... And also that if a stock price goes up, you're just capitalizing the profits – and ..... whines that he doesn't understand why people are so angry. .... to come from the Republican Party or from the Clinton wing of the Dem...