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Papal conclave


A papal conclave is a meeting of the College of Cardinals convened to elect a new Bishop of ... A two-thirds supermajority vote is required to elect the new pope , which also .... Bishops of dioceses...

White Smoke, Pope; Black Smoke, Nope: How Conclave Smoke ...


Mar 13, 2013 ... A chemical mixture is added to the cardinals' ballots to signal their conclave vote outcome. ... of a new pope, with all eyes fixed on the tiny chimney perched on the roof ... more modern stove, which was first used in the 2005 conclave for ... How Congress Can Override President Obama's Veto of the 9/11 Bill.

Papal conclave: Vatican reveals the secret behind the chimney smoke


Mar 13, 2013 ... Papal conclave: Vatican reveals the secret behind the chimney smoke ... When a new pope is elected, the white smoke will contain potassium ...

'No pope!' Cardinals send black smoke signal from ... - Daily Mail


Mar 12, 2013 ... Cardinals send black smoke signal from Sistine Chapel to show first day of ... World's 1.2billion Catholics still in turmoil after Benedict XVI's shock ... Black smoke billowed from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel tonight to signal that the first day of ... When white smoke appears, a new Pope has been chosen.

Conclave: How cardinals elect a Pope - BBC News - BBC.com


Feb 21, 2013 ... Sixty-seven of the men who will vote for the new pope were ... cardinals who may themselves have little chance of becoming pope can still exert a ... and undertake not to use sound or video recording equipment. ... Damp straw was once added to the stove to turn the smoke black, but ... Black signals failure.

the White Smoke of October 26, 1958 - Real News 24/7


The fact that the new Pope did not emerge onto the balcony that night, with no ... the cardinals secluded from the outside world in a Papal conclave have used smoke to ... the Sistine Chapel stove pipe from 5:55 PM until 6 PM on October 26, 1958. ... White smoke from a little chimney atop the Vatican is the traditional signal ...

Conclave smoke signals a bit of a gray area - World News


Mar 11, 2013 ... White means the Catholic Church has a new pope. ... "Even with all this planning, they still can't get it right," said ... where the cardinals used two different types of smoke to announce the ... The Sistine Chapel stoves that will send up the smoke signal that lets the world know if a pope has been elect...

Rome conclave: Cardinals voting again on new pope - BBC News


Mar 13, 2013 ... Black smoke issues from Sistine Chapel chimney Image caption The cardinals will keep voting until a new Pope is chosen ... Others still just wished the cardinals would clear out of the Sistine Chapel so they ... First stove is cast iron, used in six previous conclaves; Second stove is ... What does a pope do?

black smoke signals papal conclave has not yet chosen pope


Mar 12, 2013 ... A puff of black smoke from the chimney above the Sistine Chapel ... They are expected to choose a new pope within the next couple of days. ..... But anyone wanting to circumvent the 115 cardinals and chose their own pope can now do .... But the stove used to burn the ballot papers is no longer the same ...

Liveblog: Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio elected pontiff, takes name Pope ...


Mar 13, 2013 ... Cardinals choose Jorge Mario Bergoglio as next pope after two days of deliberations. ... We're wrapping up this live blog now but coverage of the new pope will .... So in a sense he has to stop being a Jesuit; he can't be his own boss . ...... There are two stoves in the Sistine Chapel, one that has been used in ...

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How Is a New Pope Chosen?


Cardinals are bishops and Vatican officials from all over the world, ... Decisions that only the pope can make, such as appointing a bishop or ... the ballots are burned in a stove near the chapel with a mixture of chemicals to produce black smoke. ... producing white smoke to signal to the world the election of a new pope.

Smoke signals: How is a new pope elected? - CNN.com


Mar 1, 2013 ... With Pope Benedict XVI leaving the papal office rapidly, the Catholic Church ... Black smoke from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel means no pope elected; White smoke rising means cardinals have selected a new pope ... The pope used his last general audience to call for a renewal of .... Still no pope?

How Do They Make the Pope Smoke? | Mental Floss


Mar 13, 2013 ... When the Catholic cardinals meet to pick a new pope in the “papal ... During the 1958 conclave, white smoke plumed from the chimney after one vote. ... and lasts for several minutes while the ballots are burning in the other stove.” ... It's 2013 and the Catholic Church still communicates with smoke signals.