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One reason that cats roll around in the dirt is to coat themselves with bacteria that is needed for digestion. Cats lose a significant amount of bacteria during the grooming proces...

Why Do Cats Roll Around in the Dirt?
Cats roll around in the dirt as part of a grooming process, using the rough texture to remove dead skin and brush away old fur. While dirt play is a natural and generally healthy activity for your kitty, use caution with outdoor pets. Your cat can come... More »
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As soon as the sun goes down, you realize that Sasha has not come inside yet. Soon she strolls in, nose held high and coated in dirt. She has been rolling ...

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We've all seen it, on warm summer days if the cat is allowed outside he runs over to the first patch of mud he can find and has a good old rub around in it. This is ...

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Cat rolling in the dirt: Have you noticed the moment your cat goes outside on a warm day, he races over to the nearest patch of dry dirt and rolls around in it?

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Apr 8, 2010 ... Actually, cats roll for much the same reason dogs do. If you give your cat frequent baths, he may just not like the way he smells and is trying to ...

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I dont understand why he does this...my other male kitten doesnt do this. I bathe ... He comes in covered and the only part that is not is a little circle around his face. ... Cats roll in the dirt to replace this bacteria if they feel their coat is deficient in ...

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Cats roll in the dirt to replace bacteria that they lose when grooming ... Along with these traits, it is also true that cats roll in dirt when they choose to do so. .... road I can tell instantly when she's about to throw herself on her back and roll around.

My cat likes to roll in the dirt these days (shedding, cleans ...


Please try to find another way rather than letting cat out to dirt. ... Well I actually do filter the heck out of my water. .... .....then again it is just the driveway they like to roll around on, not a bed of pesticide/herbicide-sprayed grass.

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Sep 9, 2013 ... Why do cats roll around on their backs? Thinkstock. Cats often get unfairly labeled as lazy and aloof when, in fact, they can be quite expressive ...

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Q: Why do cats roll around in the dirt?
A: The feline is replacing that much needed bacteria that has been depleted due to Read More »
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Q: Why do cats roll around in the dirt?
A: Cats. like many of their ancestors like tigers, lions, and cheetas. use rolling in dirt and mud as a natural camouflage of scent. Cats often act like they are i... Read More »
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Q: Why do cats roll around in the dirt?
A: Probably because the like the feel of it. Read More »
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Q: Why do cats like rolling around in dirt.
A: I'm not a scientist, but I have my own cats and have done research and studies on them. The reason I believe cats roll in dirt is to "cleanse their fur", in a m... Read More »
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Q: Why do cats like to roll around in dirt?
A: When cats roll in dirt, they are replacing the much needed bacteria that has been depleted due to frequent baths or combing. When cats roll in dirt, it is repla... Read More »
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