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Why Do Cats Roll Around in the Dirt?
Cats roll around in the dirt as part of a grooming process, using the rough texture to remove dead skin and brush away old fur. While dirt play is a natural and generally healthy activity for your kitty, use caution with outdoor pets. Your cat can come... More »
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Dust bathing (also called sand bathing) is an animal behavior characterized by rolling or moving around in dust or sand, .... Many mammals roll in sand or dirt, presumably to keep parasites away or to help dry themselves after exercise or becoming wet. A sand ... Why do hens sham dustbathe when they have litter? Applied ...


As soon as the sun goes down, you realize that Sasha has not come inside yet. Soon she strolls in, nose held high and coated in dirt. She has been rolling ...


Jun 22, 2014 ... ... first patch of mud he can find and has a good old rub around in it. ... Scent marking may play a roll in dust bathing, as the cat rolls, ... It would be interesting to know if stray and feral cats also roll in the dirt, I suspect they do, ...


Dec 6, 2016 ... Below, we explain why cats roll in the dirt – turns out there are two key reasons. ... main reasons that cats roll in the dirt has to do with their digestive system. ... This is because rolling around happily is a side effect of the 'high' ...


Oct 27, 2016 ... Read this article by behavior contributor Amy Shojai to learn why cats roll. This article explains cat attention seeking behavior with rolling.


One reason that cats roll around in the dirt is to coat themselves with bacteria that is needed for digestion. Cats lose a significant amount of bacteria during the ...


Sep 9, 2013 ... Why do cats roll around on their backs? Thinkstock. Cats often get unfairly labeled as lazy and aloof when, in fact, they can be quite expressive ...


May 10, 2017 ... I have just checked them and although cats roll around on their backs for ... But I do believe that rolling in the dirt is another but less usual way.

Jul 10, 2015 ... Trig trying to keep cool in the dirt... and becoming covered in the ... Cat loves rolling in the dirt! ... Why Do Cats Roll Over on Their Backs?