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Dec 5, 2004 ... or, "How should a Christian celebrate Christmas?" These are questions ... "What should we do about celebrating Christmas?" It is this mentality ...

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The decision to celebrate Christmas on December 25 was made sometime during ... Christian elements that characterizes our modern celebration of Christmas.

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Dec 2, 2005 ... Why do some Christians not celebrate Christmas? Here are the reasons some gave for kicking the Christmas habit.

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Is a Christian free to celebrate Christmas, a holiday that not only has pagan ... So, since it doesn't say that we can't do it, does it mean it's okay to go ahead and ...

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?


What a Christian Jew has to say about Christmas. ... You see, Jewish people celebrate Christmas today, not because of Christ's birthday, but because it is ...

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Why we traditionally celebrate Christmas Day on 25th December and when other ... Christians certainly had many arguments as to when it should be celebrated!

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Tell the average guy on the street - one who actually realizes there is a connection between Christ and Christmas - that some Christians don't celebrate the ...

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Dec 24, 2007 ... Christmas now means that we mark, in Christian ways, the birth of ... to somebody back in seminary who didn't celebrate birthdays for their kid.

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There is nothing in the Word of God which requires a Christian to observe Christmas, or Easter for that fact. I personally do not believe it is sinful to celebrate ...

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Feb 12, 2015 ... ... birthday of Jesus and became Christmas, a holiday celebrated by Christians ... do reflect pagan customs borrowed much later, as Christianity ...

The purpose of Christmas for Christians is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. For others, it is a public holiday to celebrate with family and friends and to give and receive gifts.
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Should Christians celebrate Christmas- Celebrating Jesus' Birthday. The most basic and common argument brought against Christmas is that it is not found in ...

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First, let's look at the reasons why some Christians do not celebrate Christmas. One argument against Christmas is that the traditions surrounding the holiday ...

Should a Christian Celebrate Christmas?


B. Not Among the Earliest Christian Festivals -- Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the Church. It was not celebrated, commemorated, or observed, ...