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Slim-fit pants or skinny jeans (when made of denim) have a snug fit through the legs and end in ... These trousers, and other elements of traditional clothing like the Shalwar .... In Europe, skinny jeans for boys and men have a loose waist to appear .... News; Jump up ^ Emos murdered in Iraq; Jump up ^ Isis bans skinny jeans.

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Most often, both sexes will choose to wear girl jeans, or extremely tight pencil jeans. ... Emo boys often wear a band shirt portraying either: skulls, guns, blood, hearts, ... in their body, but some COOL EMO KIDS do drugs because they feel like it

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The only guys that wear those jeans in Chicago are mofakkin' emo kids. ..... away from people that want to do them harm becuase they are wearing tight jeans.

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A lot of the Emo culture's fashion includes warm clothing, such as jeans and long shirts, or many thick layers. However ... Wearing tight jeans, lots of hair to the beach or walking around in a dark hoodie drenched in sweat is impractical ... Guys, try investing in some skater punk shorts and reworking them. .... Do Emo Makeup ...

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Also, why do guys need to wear tight pants to "accent thier figure". ... Most guys that wear tight pants are either emo or punk at my school... i ...

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Aug 27, 2008 ... Jeromy trying to explain to John what "tight pants" are. ... I would enjoy to send all that lazy gay looking emo boys to the potato harvest in Belarus to see how they do some ... Lol, "emo pants"? even skaters wear skinny jeans.

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May 6, 2015 ... Seeing the pictures of my friends and me wearing emo kid fashion during ... But I do recall a part of the emo craze consisting of wearing different colored, ... Emo kids were wearing tight pants before everyone hopped on the ...



Oct 26, 2009 ... REAL BOYZ WEAR SKINNY JEANS *HOTT SCENE GUYS ALERT* ... Wear Greg's super-skinny jeans - I'll do anything for your vote ...

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Emo fashion is a popular choice among teens who like to dress outside of the ... Pants. Skinny jeans are a mainstay of emo fashion. Guys may even wear girls' ...

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... to listen to the music. Do you really need emo clothing to enjoy the emo trend? ... Boys often wear very tight t-shirts, and very tight pants. Some even wear girls' ...

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Sep 20, 2008 ... I personally think it's weird also, but to them it's the style. Too many guys wear the baggy jeans, so this is the exact opposite. It's possible ...

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Some do become bisexual becuase of the deep feelings they have but being emo is ... emo boys are the hottest guys ever. most wear tight pants and have black ...

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Originally Posted by Emma77 I can't stand skinny jeans on men...there's a ... My opinion of them is that those who wear them that aren't emo..are ... What do you people think about skinny or drainpipe jeans on guys?