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Graphic communication as the name suggests is communication using graphic elements. ... symbols, geometric designs, maps, engineering drawings, or other images. ... The latter can be a recorded version, such as a photograph, or an ... Communication is the process whereby information is imparted by a sender to a ...


Technical drawing, drafting or drawing, is the act and discipline of composing drawings that visually communicate how something functions or is constructed. Technical drawing is essential for communicating ideas in industry and engineering. To make the drawings easier to understand, people use familiar symbols, .... use of illustration to visually communicate information of a technical nature.


Data visualization or data visualisation is viewed by many disciplines as a modern equivalent ... Tables are generally used where users will look up a specific measurement, ... The goal is to communicate information clearly and efficiently to users. ... Data visualization is closely related to information graphics, information ...


graphics or engineering drawing is the language of engineers.they express that ... Why do engineers use graphics too record and communicate information?


Graphics are visual images or designs on some surface, such as a wall, canvas, screen, paper, or stone to inform, illustrate, or entertain. In contemporary usage it includes: pictorial representation of data, as in ... Records from Egypt predate these and papyrus was used by the Egyptians as a material on which to plan the  ...


Engineers do not manufacture their own creative work, but typically communicate ... A detail drawing is a tool used by engineers to communicate their designs to ... its own, so to speak, and provides a record or archive of the engineer's precise intent. (Show students example detail drawings and describe information from the ...


Engineers apply dimensions to drawings to communicate size information. 3. Manufactured ... Engineers use graphics to communicate patterns in recorded data.


Sometimes these informal sketches serve to communicate a concept to a ... Understanding the use of both drafting and sketching in design is important to help formulate ... Even though a good percentage of an engineer's graphic representation is ... Additionally, CAD systems do not support sketching in any meaningful way.


IT is customary in reviewing the entire subject of communication to start with the Greeks. ... been, climbed down out of the trees, began to use tools, and most notably began to apply his curiosity with practical effect. ... All that is called civilization resulted from the fact that man learned to record, transmit, ... ISSN Information:.


Identify the widely used products and explain the key features of different software ... Presentation graphics software is used to create presentations that communicate ideas, ... and a notepad to record ideas, reminders, and important information. ... Computer-aided design (CAD) software assists in creating engineering, ...