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Geology of the Moon


The Moon is a differentiated body, with a crust, mantle, and core. ... This was the only Apollo mission to include a geologist (Harrison Schmitt). ... In comparison to terrestrial lavas, these conta...

What do geologist look at for proof that earth's core contains mostly ...


What is earth's core mostly made out of? ... What does the earth's core contain mostly of? Iron and ... Why do you think the iron at the earth's core is partly liquid?

How Do We Know What's in the Earth's Core? PM Explains


Jun 15, 2012 ... But how exactly do you conduct research on an impenetrable, ... The core's heat is mostly due to the slow decay of radioactive ... The molten iron outer core lies about 3000 kilometers below our feet, ... But that doesn't mean the book is closed; geologists are still turning up surprises. ... What do you think?

How do scientists know that the Earth's core is made out of Iron and ...


How do scientists know that the Earth's core is made out of Iron and not another ... geologists use seismometers to measure movements in Earth's interior (e.g. ... how nuclear fusion works in stars), so it makes sense that the core is mostly iron.

Why does the Earth have a liquid core? – Starts With A Bang


Sep 28, 2011 ... So the Earth's core is liquid because it's hot enough to melt iron, but only ... When I think of earthquakes I think of plate tectonics. ... (Note that the fact that it is ( mostly) iron is completely irrelevant – any liquid conductor will do; ...

What Evidence Led Scientists to Conclude That Earth's Outer Core ...


To this day, scientists have not been able to directly observe the Earth's core, ... ... Geologists then measure the speed of seismic waves as they travel from one ... the outer core, they are passing through liquid metal, predominantly iron and nickel. ... The outer core is believed to contain a system of convection currents that ...

The Earth: Differentiation and Plate Tectonics - Indiana University


1) the inner core (mostly solid iron) ... How do we know this? ... The idea that the asteroid belt of the solar system may contain the remnants of a former ... by geologists, and differentiation caused the heavy metals (iron, nickel and related ... Just as many other things that go on in the Earth's interior, convection in its inte...

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Although the inner core is mostly NiFe, the iron catastrophe also drove heavy .... be easy to think that Earth's magnetism is caused by the big ball of solid iron in ...

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Dec 11, 2014 ... The still air of the stratosphere contains the ozone layer, which was created when ... Earth's core consists mostly of iron and nickel and potentially smaller amounts of ... Geologists think the temperature of Earth's outer core is about 6,700 to 7,800 degrees F .... Acer Cloudbooks Do Windows 10 for Just $169.

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Jul 14, 2014 ... Heat from Earth's inner core, which is as hot as the surface of the sun, ... We do not understand how the Earth's magnetic field has lasted for billions of years. ... mostly because of the enormous quantities of molten iron that would be needed. .... “The first thing you think is, 'I don't want to be wro...

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Q: Why do geologists think Earth's core contains mostly iron?
A: Comets Read More »
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Q: Why do geologists think Earth's core contains mostly iron?
A: The iron nickel core has been determined to actually exist from the examination of meteorites, from the gravitational field of Earth, and from the Earth's densi... Read More »
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Q: Why do geologists think that the core of the Earth is mostly iron...
A: The composition of the Earth's core (iron and nickel) is implied by the elemental composition of meteorites, which contain substantial iron. The gravitational f... Read More »
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Other orbiting bodies contain more iron than Earth's crust does.Samples of Earth's crust contain less iron than found inmeteorites, and iron is a comparatively ...

What do geologists think earth's core contains mostly iron - Answers


They believe that Earth was once all molten when it was first forming. Since iron is one of the heavier elements, it would have sank to the inside of the earth due ...