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They remain behind, here on earth, and they account for many ghost sightings and haunted places. ... Often these earthbound spirits do not remain here for long , once they can complete ... love and unable or unwilling to go on until the living can come to terms with the loss. ... Back to The Shadowlands: Ghosts and Hauntings.


You can resist the light and stay earthbound, half-way between living and dead, ... could have done on this earth that would cause Source to turn its back on you.


Earth is a place for a person to come to accelerate their spiritual evolution ... a child upon earth will come back after crossing over and feel a sense of distress over the .... Oftentimes, the spirits that remain on earth can be assisted by individuals ...


Feb 22, 2016 ... Learn about interesting theories on why ghosts haunt houses, what they want, ... ethic have an awareness of the Biblical concept of what comes after death. ... families, experienced joy and did all the things you used to do, back before you died. .... These are the spirit angles that live here on earth with us.


Jul 15, 2016 ... In death that cord is broken, and we do not come back to the body. .... Technically , ghosts are the life-force of people who have not yet gone to God. .... When we are on earth, we are here to polish the basic facets of love, and ...


Jul 17, 2008 ... But once we're there, something makes us come back into the flesh so that we can .... Do we communicate with spirits we never knew on earth?


Earthbound spirits are a deceased person's soul whose energy lingers in the ... These so-called earthbound spirits may have something holding them back that ...


Is it possible for a person to come back to earth (e.g. as a ghost) from Heaven ... Does anybody teach specifically about the existence of ghosts?


Jun 19, 2015 ... This results in all kinds of confusion when they die and return back to the Real World. ... The destination that souls take after death varies, and souls can be ... the Spirit World and become “earth-bound spirits” (ghosts) because they lived ... Many souls who have an interest in the person's life, come down to ...


The spirits of those who die, go to the abode of the dead immediately when the last breath has ceased. They cannot, in any form whatsoever, come back to earth.