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Mar 12, 2014 ... Because donation involves the removal of blood from the circulatory system, some people pass out while giving blood or after the blood ...

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I would really like to donate blood regularly. Is there anything else I can try? Does everyone pass out when donating, and they're just toughing it ...

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Jul 21, 1996 ... Researchers Predict Who Will Feel Faint While Giving Blood ... the best way to do that is to improve their donation experience," France said.

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Why do some people faint when they give blood? According to Men's Health magazine: "First, there's a drop in blood pressure (you just gave up a pint). Second ...

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Information for blood donors and what to do if you feel faint after giving blood.

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Jul 3, 2011 ... okay so today I gave blood and passed out as I tend to do and they freaked out and stopped ... I thought the one giving blood will pass out. lol.

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Learn what happens on the day you donate blood. ... and get plenty to eat. If you' re going to donate soon, read about what to do before and after you donate.

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Sep 9, 2013 ... People do occasionally faint during or after giving blood - in many years of donating I've seen one example of each - but the people running the ...

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obtained from 414 coiisecutive blood donors before the drawing of ... fainted, than in those who did not. Systolic ..... persons come to give blood. Certainly there.

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Went to a blood drive earlier this week, and nearly fainted afterwards while everyone else was just fine. Why? I wasn't nervous and ...

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Aug 28, 2008 ... They always give orange juice in these situations, which is a blood sugar ... I almost faint at the pin-prick test but have no problem giving blood.

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Fainting while giving blood is usually caused by psychological factors, however. ... do exercises using your muscles: cross your legs, tense your muscles all over ...

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Donating blood is a safe and easy process which gives you the chance to change lives. ... Feeling faint or fatigued after donating blood is uncommon. If it occurs ...