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Mar 3, 2015 ... Do you feel different from everyone else? It may sound ironic to hear this, but you' re not alone. You're really not. Many people just like you ...


Jun 22, 2015 ... I realized that I've always felt different from everyone else around me. ... My severe mental illness has always and continues to make me feel ...


I can definitely relate to this question. As a young boy, I was always considered the odd one out. My elementary school classmates and even good friends today  ...


Do you know anything tricky? Like playing piano or ... Cognitive Psychology: Why do I feel like I'm on a different level than everyone else? UpdateCancel.


Hey Young Man. I really appreciate you for being different from the average youth of your age. ... If you feel like a 25 year old… then maybe you should look for friends who are much older to you. As long as you are motivated to do what you are ...


Quora User, I've met a lot of different types of people and learned what makes ... When you experience, to be, "name", then all else in that moment does not.


I just want to be normal and fit in with everybody else. ... Superman23 wrote: Are you different or do you feel different from other people?


Yea, I feel different from most everybody; like everyone is normal except .... you honestly don't give a crap about anyone else most of the time.


So for the past few months, I've been feeling different. Like someone who doesn't belong with everyone else, someone who's different. Not socially because ... So, how do I know if I have some sort of power? How do I know I'm ...