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Feb 10, 2011 ... But have you stopped to think about "why" you get shocked? ... more shock-prone than the lazy days of summer has to do with the level of moisture in the air. In the winter, more static electricity builds up in our homes because ...


Oct 19, 2011 ... What can I do to avoid it? ... In the winter it feels like everything you touch shocks you, and first thing in the ... You may have also noticed that often, when you get out of your car, you get a shock when you touch the door.


Feb 23, 2015 ... Plagued by static shocks during the winter months? ... Getting a static shock once in awhile is annoying. ... What can we do to prevent this?


Some days, it feels like everything I touch gives me a shock. Car door, metal sink, even the dishwasher. What can I do to reduce static shocks?


Static shock is the result of the redistribution of electric charges between different materials. ... Why do I get shock when I reach to turn the light switch on or off? ... Electric shocks are most common when the air is dry, which is often in the winter.


Dec 6, 2015 ... This Simple Physics Trick Will Stop You Getting Shocked Every Time ... But what exactly is causing these shocks, and what can you do to stop ...


Where possible, use a humidifier. Where I live it's very dry, and in winter static shocks were routine, though annoying and frequently painful. Since installing a whole ...


Mar 15, 2011 ... Why do I get shocks when I touch the door knob or filing cabinet? ... Why don´t I get static shock when I touch a wall or a tree or door? .... You'll often find shocks are worst in the winter when the air outside is cold and dry.


Dec 2, 2011 ... Why do I seem to be plagued by static electricity in my clothing all winter, ... if you want to stop getting shocked by your clothing in the winter.


Dec 21, 2016 ... Winter is here, which means it's time for warm clothes, thick socks and getting shocked by everything you touch. What do doorknobs and light ...