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What Causes Vivid Dreams? | Divine Caroline


Vivid dreams can be either pleasant or frightening. They have a variety of potential causes, from deeper systematic woes to simpler dietary hiccups. ... We do know that they arise from Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, in which ... It keeps my glucose levels regulated throughout the night and I sleep much more peacefully.

Strange dreams (pregnancy sleep) - BabyCentre


What's causing my weird dreams? What can I do about my strange dreams? Have you found that your dreams have become more bizarre lately? You're not alone. ... weird dreams? Usually you'll cycle through levels of sleep during the night.

Sleep problem: Vivid dreams & waking up exhausted.Thread ...


Aug 3, 2014 ... Discussions for nearly every medical condition ... Same thing, I would go to sleep but having very vivid dreams (not ... 4 years now and i have learned somethings about sleep that we do not know about. ... But, when you spend your whole night into the dream phase, it is because you do not cross the edge ...

6 Extremely Vivid Dreams and What They (Maybe) Mean


Feb 13, 2015 ... 6 Extremely Vivid Dreams and What They (Maybe) Mean. "I was in my old ... I was just standing there in the room not knowing what to do.

Why do i keep having crazy dreams every night? | Yahoo Answers


Feb 18, 2008 ... I haven't been doing anything strange lately,but I have never had dreams every single night.Can anyone help, im starting to feel crazy.

Are You Experiencing More Vivid Dreams Lately? - Psychics Universe


Apr 22, 2013 ... Have you noticed your dreams becoming more vivid lately? ... Folks are commonly reporting that they feel as if they dream all night long.

Vivid Dreams | MD-Health.com


Vivid dreams are dream sensations that feel as though they are real led by several causes. Many techniques including altering your diet and taking supplements have been ... Do not eat foods that are hard to digest as this can lead to other health ... sleep at night can help you get the dreaming experience that is right for you.

7 Mind-Bending Facts About Dreams | REM Sleep & Lucid Dreams ...


Dec 2, 2011 ... Like sleep, dreams are mysterious phenomena. But as scientists are able to probe deeper into our minds, they are finding some of those ...

5 Mind-Bending Facts About Dreams | Lucid Dreams & Nightmares


Apr 27, 2012 ... Why do some people have nightmares while others really spend their nights in bliss? ... that night owls are more likely than their early-bird counterparts to ... could trigger vivid dreams or nightmares, the researchers speculate.

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What's Causing Those Freaky Dreams? - WebMD


WebMD looks at the reasons you might be experiencing crazy, vivid dreams. ... Freaky Dreams: What Do They Mean? ... On the most basic level, a dream is the experience you have of envisioned ... How Many Hours Did You Sleep Last Night ? ... consistent every night and wake up around the same time every morning.

6 Things Your Dreams Can Tell You About Your Health


Mar 27, 2013 ... The last time you woke up from a dream, you may have wondered why ... If you find yourself experiencing nightmares or very vivid dreams ...

Bizarre dreams? That's because they get weirder the longer you ...


Sep 19, 2014 ... Scientists have discovered our dreams really do get weirder as the .... This can cause night sweats and hot flushes, as well as vivid dreams and nightmares ..... 'I' ll get high-waisted trousers and you can wear them every week': ...

What does it mean if I suddenly start having vivid dreams? - Quora


Most people dream every night, regardless of whether or not they remember ... Why do I have such vivid dreams that I can recall conversations, textures, and ...

Weird dreams: What do they mean? - Boots


What do your strange dreams mean? ... Think about this strange dream. ... Everyone dreams every night -- even if we don't remember our dreams. ... Three or four times a night, you have a period of sleep that lasts approximately 90 minutes ...