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Why You Need to Take Gen Eds and How You Can Appreciate Them


Aug 7, 2013 ... So, why do colleges require their students to study these general ... or she learned from these first few semesters of general education classes.

General Education Requirements: What's the Point? | CollegeXpress


Many may wonder why an English major needs to take math, but it turns out ... Students just need to realize how skills learned in one class can apply to an ... type of general education program, is the ability for students to do some discovering.

Gen Eds: Not a Waste of Time | CollegeXpress


Why should you have to take a bunch of "fluff" classes? We'll take a look at scenarios in which general education courses can actually help you.

The Time Has Come to Get Rid of General Education Requirements ...


Why should a math major have to take an Art Appreciation class or The History of Human Evolution? Those students will NEVER use this information ever again; ...

The Value of GE or the Answer to "Why Do I Need to Take This Class?"


Since community college faculty mostly teach general education courses, we must be able to articulate not only why our own course is important but also how it ...

Why is general education important? - Columbia College


good reasons why general education plays an essential role ... prerequisites) should be done early in a degree program: it is a ... in a time where we have to think globally and act locally. ... It is essential to put these courses first so the skill sets.

General Education courses should not be required : The ...


Apr 16, 2014 ... General Education courses should not be required ... every undergraduate student is forced to take 11 general education classes. ... no higher educational priorities like those faced by students who have declared a major.

What are General Education Courses? - Best Value Schools


No matter what major you pursue, you'll have to take one or two classes in each of the major ... Do You Have Any Flexibility In General Education Courses?

What General Education Classes Do I Need to Take for a Nursing ...


Nursing majors have to take general education courses in humanities, natural ... of Science degree, which includes a number of general education classes.

Should college students be forced to take general education classes ...


If students took general education classes, they might be motivated to keep their .... would like to do should only have to take courses that pertain to that field and ...