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Of course, most men lose hair from their scalp as they get older, but there is also a gradual loss of body hair, including the hair on the legs. An individual hair has ...

Anterolateral Leg Alopecia: Common but Commonly Ignored - NCBI


INTRODUCTION. Anterolateral leg alopecia is very common in middle-aged and elderly men but may also occur in women. A previous study estimates the ...

Hair Loss on Legs (One or Both), Causes and Treatment ...


Furthermore most men do not remove this body hair and are therefore more likely to notice when hair loss occurs on these areas. It can either occur on one leg ...

Can you tell me what causes hair loss on lower legs and calves in ...


There are several reasons for hair loss on the legs. Poor circulation may be a factor, which can be caused or aggravated by diabetes, thyroid...

Why Do Men Lose Hair On Their Legs - Doctor insights on HealthTap


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Ghanem on why do men lose hair on their legs: That can be an indication of low thyroid or vascular insufficiency.

Men's leg hair loss? It's not uncommon. - HubPages


May 23, 2014 ... Most men focus on losing hair from their head, but some are equally concerned ... Generally, leg hair loss will begin in a person's mid-twenties, much like head ... 5 things that thin people do every day (but not diet or exercise!).

Hair loss on legs (outside of calf muscles) | All Things Male Forum


Oct 27, 2010 ... This happens to lots of men and is not considered abnormal. ... a lot, or maybe just genes but I am also concerned it could be to do with something else. ... I can imagine relating hair loss on the legs to hormones would ... I will be honest, all these symptoms are scaring the shit out of me and I'm losing hope.

Losing Hair on my Legs - Dermatology - MedHelp


Jan 3, 2008 ... Hi I've been steadily losing hair on my legs for about the past year. ... Men's Health ... to what is happening, why it's happening, and what I can do about it. ... most people with this common hair complaint have it on their scalp ...

What Causes Hair Loss On Lower Legs? - Diagnose-Me.com


Balding lower legs: Do you have less hair or a bald patch on the front/side area of your lower leg(s)? (applies to men only) ... Hair loss on lower legs can have various causes, ranging in severity from 'needs attention' to ... difficulty losing weight

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May 24, 2004 ... (1) Why do middle-aged men lose the hair on their legs? And (2) Is this an indication of poor nutrition or a lack of a certain vitamin/mineral?

What Causes Hair to Fall Off Your Legs? | LIVESTRONG.COM


Apr 20, 2015 ... Hair loss is a normal part of the aging process for men and women, but it ... If you notice you are losing hair on your legs, consult your doctor for a ... Friction from the constant rubbing of tight jeans against your leg can rip hairs from their follicles. ... COM do not endorse any of the products or services that ar...

Do men lose hair on lower legs as they age due to use of socks or ...


Do men lose hair on lower legs as they age due to use of socks or natural ... Again, many women don't need to shave their lower legs after a ...