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Why Do Watches Stop When Some People Wear Them? - Naked Science ...


My grandma supposedly used to do the same thing. .... all those years ago when she said I always had and always would "stop" watches?

Watch Question Is No Shock - Professional Jeweler


I've killed every one I've ever owned with the magnetism/electricity created in my body." Is there ... Most better watches today are protected from the moderate exposure to ... We always stress that we stand behind 'unidentified' watch failures .

Why do wrist watches stop working for some people? - Straight Dope ...


I've heard people claim that wrist watches stop working for them after a very ..... I think you're on to something; my watches also were always ...

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Malfunctioning Watches ...


Jul 22, 2009 ... My sister (who does not have DID but who has been diagnosed with ... D.I.D. says she can't wear watches because they always stop on her.

General Wristwatch Troubleshooter - Chronocentric


Why does my automatic watch stop at night or otherwise run down in less time ... For troubleshooting tips specific to certain models of Omega brand watches, also see: .... And finally, you can always consider getting a watch winder to keep your  ...

Help? Watch stops when worn, even after serviced - The eBay ...


Has any one any idea why the watch should stop once it is on my wrist? .... Manual wind watches are mechanical devices that don't run on electricity and aren't .... do you always make fun of someone if they say something you disagree with?

Why do wrist watches stop working when I wear them? - Quora


Mar 16, 2015 ... I say this because back in the day when all watches were ... Why does the place where we wear wrist watch looks fairer than rest of our hand? ... What is the reason that people always wear their wrist watches on their left wrists? Where can I find a long wrist strap that will enable me to wear my watch on my ...

Solve the 10 Most-Common Watch Problems | Men's Health


Aug 14, 2014 ... ... watches with quartz movements. Why has my watch stopped? ... (Most of these watches do not have second hands.) Have a watch service ...

Reasons Watches Stop Working | eHow


But the reasons why watches stop working are rather simple. ... bodies and while it is not at a noticeable level, it does sometimes affect the batteries in wrist watches. ... How to Keep My Self-Winding Watch Running or Make It Stop When Not.

Do Human Energy Fields Affect Computers & Electronics ...


May 25, 2012 ... My cell phones always malfunction, I have a laptop at work that was ...... Does not matter I zapped two laptops as well, watches stop working ...

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Watch Stoppers | Stuff to Blow Your Mind: The Podcast


Apr 9, 2013 ... The time pieces simply stop working, time and time again. ... Robert Lamb: Julie, have you destroyed any watches recently with your electromagnetic field? ..... Just like if I put my iPod on and it still – it seems to me to play the same ... attach the added level like oh, it's always playing that song when I do this...

The People Who Can't Wear Watches - The Skeptics Society Forum


Jun 10, 2009 ... I am always more interested in mysteries in which nobody is making a profit on it. ... My mother is one of those people who "can't wear a wristwatch. ... They do something to the watches, like smack them on doorknobs. .... When your watches stop, are they usable again for someone else or are they kaput?

Watch Education - Common Technical Questions - Tourneau


Though many are built to last more than a lifetime, fine automatic watches are subject to a variety of everyday stresses, from dings to magnetization or ... What do I do if my watch has stopped running? ... My watch always stops at midnight.