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BBC - Ethics - Abortion: Reasons for abortion


Most opponents of abortion agree that abortion for the sake of the mother's health ... Most western supporters of abortion rights do not support abortions carried out for ... They say that a society that believes that people should plan their families ...

Arguments For and Against Abortion | SexInfo Online


Jun 10, 2014 ... When the topic of abortion is discussed, people tend to assume one of two ... Furthermore, pro-choice proponents do not necessarily support or advocate .... Additionally, about 15% of Americans agree that both first- and ...

The Real Reason Women Choose Abortion - Action Life (Ottawa)


By Gudrun Schultz Almost all abortions take place because a child would be ... Women do not make the decision lightly, the authors of the study pointed out, nor are ... 19% Have completed my childbearing/have other people depending on ...

Top 10 Reasons Abortion Should Be Legal - Top 10 Lists - ListLand


Oct 16, 2014 ... “My Body, My Choice” – Women have the right to choose what to do with their body. ... I disagree or agree with you, to form your own opinions about these arguments. ..... and now its 57 million people Btw. Abortion is slavery.

10 reasons not to have an abortion - Live Action News


Nov 10, 2013 ... We do not erase a rape by killing a child. ... Some people believe that having an abortion and ending a child's ..... I completely agree with you.

Abortion Isn't a Necessary Evil. It's Great - In These Times


Oct 3, 2014 ... Any reasonable person would presumably agree that it's senseless and inhumane to ... Yet not only do anti-abortion advocates encourage women to carry ... time, with the wrong people, and didn't have their lives ruined by it.

Let's agree about abortion: Jim McCleary | cleveland.com


Aug 25, 2013 ... So let's stop wasting our breath trying to outlaw abortions (or devalue the ... Sometimes people do not use birth control because they are ...

10 Reasons To Have An Abortion - Mommyish


Oct 29, 2013 ... I don't think abortions are something that women decide to do on the spur of the moment or ... But many people focus on these unborn, yet to even be created, children that they forget ... Well, perhaps you agree with the law?

5 facts about abortion | Pew Research Center


Jun 27, 2016 ... Obviously people need to be educated on the reality of life within the womb. ... I agree with you abortion is murder of an innocent human. ... write on such a touchy subject so I would like to do really well on it) would it be okay if ...

Three Most Common Reasons Women Have an Abortion


A look at why women choose abortion and the most commonly given reasons why ... birth, and childrearing, especially if they do not have health insurance.

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In the United States, about 6 million women become pregnant per year.7 Half of all pregnancies are unintended, and of all births, about 1 in 10 newborns have ...

Why do women want abortions? - Religious tolerance


Apr 23, 2007 ... Age: Most abortions are done on women under the age of 25. bullet ... She doesn 't want other people to know that she became pregnant. bullet ...

10 Reasons Why Abortion is Evil & Not a "Pro-Choice" - TFP Student ...


May 15, 2009 ... So please read the top 10 reasons why abortion is wrong and must be opposed: .... Maybe you would, but most people would do what they could to preserve ... i agree that this was a little to much religious, but i'm a Christian...