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Accent (sociolinguistics)


In sociolinguistics, an accent is a manner of pronunciation peculiar to a particular individual, ... Children of immigrant families, for example, generally have a more ... People from the United Sta...

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Everyone has one, whether you think you do or you don't. Those who speak ... Today we'll take a look at some of the reasons why people have different accents.

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You are partly correct that it has something to do with geography but there's more to the story. ... The reason there are different accents is because languages ...

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Jun 22, 2012 ... Accents have been used to distinguish one type of person from ... Different groups of people talk, grunt, exclaim, and even laugh in different ways. ... We all know people who think they can do accents — generally when they ...

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We do this in language as well as in ... have separated, their accents will change ... And they have moved in waves in some places, mixing with, or conquering, people who ...

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Aug 3, 2015 ... Thoughty2 reveals, once and for all, why we have accents and how they originated. ... Both have adapted different accents through systematic cultural ... exist until the Industrial Revolution, British people of the colonial era ...

Where do accents and dialects come from? - English Language ...


Nov 28, 2010 ... Why do people in different areas speak differently? ... A good way to think about why we have dialects and accents is if you don't think about a ...

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May 25, 2010 ... Best Answer: Many countries have different regional accents. The main reason in the UK is that over the centuries, different peoples settled in ...

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Aug 29, 2005 ... So what causes these distinctly different dialects? ... "First of all, the patterns of settlement when the area was first discovered and developed have a huge impact." dark hand ... Regional dialect separates people, to an extent.

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Different languages have different vowel sounds. ... Having heard a few people from places like Rhyll in north Wales, there is definitely a ...

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Why do some people have an accent? The Linguistic


speaker seems to have an accent. Are some sounds ... Native speakers of a language do tend to master ... may be those that are similar to, but just a bit different.

Why Do Americans and Brits Have Different Accents? - Live Science


Jan 9, 2012 ... At the time of the American Revolution, Americans and British people spoke the same. It was the British accent that later diverged.

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A discussion of what causes an accent in spoken language. ... Variations occur in the way different individuals produce sounds because of the infinite variation ...