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A dimple is a small natural indentation in the flesh on a part of the human body, most notably in ... Professor McDonald, citing limited research, concludes dimples have been mislabeled as genetical...

Why Do People Have Dimples? The Reason Some Smiles Are So ...


May 18, 2015 ... I think we can all agree that dimples are pretty adorable — or at least, desirable. They're associated with a particular type of female beauty ...

26 Reasons Why Having Dimples Is The Cutest Deformity Ever


Oct 1, 2014 ... 26 Reasons Why Having Dimples Is The Cutest Deformity Ever ... The one minor downside is people have a hard time taking you seriously.

Genetic Traits: Dimples


The truth is that dimples are actually genetic defects that are caused by shortened ... So, if both the parents have dimples, the children have 50-100% chances of ... Some individuals may carry a particular gene, but they do not manifest the traits associated with it. ... Such people are called passive carriers of dimple genes.

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Dimples are the result of a deformity that makes facial muscles shorter than normal. The shorter muscles pull the skin when the person smiles, causing ...

Why do people have dimples? - Instant Answer


Aug 6, 2015 ... I find dimples really attractive! It makes a smile stands out more! It's really adorable and I'm jealous of my friends that have them. Both her ...

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May 6, 2015 ... I meant, why do I have d. ... I do not get why some people have them and some don't, and why they occur ... Some people do not have dimples.

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Oct 1, 2010 ... There is something about a dimple in someone's smile that can make people of either gender swoon. Obviously you can't make yourself have a ...

Why do people have dimples? - LetUsFindOut.com


The muscle is shorter in length in the people having dimples on their face whereas the size of muscle is normal in the people who do not have dimples. This is ...

Ever Wondered Why Some People Have Dimples And Some Don't?


Apr 24, 2016 ... How do you get dimples? For you to have dimples, one of your parents should have had it. In case both parents don't have dimples, their ...

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Why do some people have dimples? - Quora


Dimples are caused by the facial muscle called zygomaticus major. Dimples are caused when your facial muscle – zygomaticus major, is shorter than normal; ...

Are Dimples a Birth Defect


Studies have found that the parents having dimples give birth to children having ... My dimples are usually the first thing that people say they notice about me ...

3 Ways to Get Dimples Naturally - wikiHow


However, people born without natural dimples can successfully mimic their ..... When I press my fingers on my cheek, do I have to smile while doing it? wikiHow  ...