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The Hum is a phenomenon, or collection of phenomena, involving widespread reports of a ... Some people hear the Hum only, or much more, inside buildings as .... The people who do hear these sounds t...

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People hum for several reasons, such as to calm nerves, feel happier and reduce stress. People hum unconsciously and consciously. Many use humming as a ...

How the Habit of Humming Benefits the Elderly | Healdove


Jul 5, 2016 ... Dead bolts on our doors do not prevent my mind from wandering through the what ifs. ... The habit of humming in their elderly people can be described by one or ...... My dad whistles constantly and tonight I found him whistling ...

Unconscious Humming | Ask the Therapist - Psych Central


Oct 17, 2011 ... People have asked me why I am always humming. I do it all of the time. Not loudly, but enough to have people mention it to me. Is there a cause ...

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The humming I do isn't like humming a song either, it's like just .... Although it is alittle comforting to know other people do it I'd like to stop it ... I constantly hum, I also will sing the same verse or two from a song over and over!

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Hi, does anyone else on here suffer with constant humming so much that it actually annoys ... MDJunction - People Helping People ... I spose its not soo bad to do this but i dont know why i do it and i go through periods of it and then not for some time. .... I have also hummed, shake a foot, constantly bounce my leg, etc.

Hums Constantly - Boomers With Elderly Parents


My mother hums constantly, from the moment she wakes until she goes to bed. She's 87. It's not all humming either, it's grunting and hissing sounds. ... If I ever do mention it to her, she'll go ballistic and take it very personal. .... I read on here a lot of people saying they can't wait till they leave,but what if...

Is Constant Humming or Singing Common With Alzheimer's?


Oct 10, 2016 ... My mother has developed the habit of either humming or singing constantly, even during meal times. This is a new behavior that is a little ...

Can't stop humming!. - Patient UK


Dec 8, 2013 ... I find myself constantly coming out with a repetitive (same few notes) hum. .... Sometimes I think we do things unconsciously to give our brain a ...

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Posts about Compulsive humming written by drmarkgriffiths. ... Although I do not believe I have a compulsion to break into song, I was surprised to find ... reported compulsive singing in people that have Kleine-Levin syndrome (i.e., recurrent ...