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Use the links below to research information about animal safety legislation, reporting animal abuse and cruelty, and animal shelters in the United States.
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Zoosadism - Wikipedia


Zoosadism is pleasure derived from cruelty to animals. Zoosadism is part of the Macdonald ... Studies have shown that individuals who enjoy or are willing to inflict harm on animals are more likely ...

PETA Prime: Only Sociopaths Intentionally Hurt Animals: A ...


I think there should be greater consequences for people who harm animals. .... It makes me sick to know that there is nothing I can legally do about it and this ...

Why Do People Abuse Animals? (Abuse = hurt, mistreat, etc.)


Most people who abuse animals don't do it on purpose. They hurt animals because they don't think about or realize what they are doing. Many of these people ...

CFAWR | Animal Cruelty Syndrome


ACTIVE CRUELTY, which is cruelty inflicted (with deliberate intent to harm an animal ... Conduct disorder is found in those who abuse animals and abuse people. .... behaviors over human victims than batterers who do not abuse their pets.

What drives people to torture animals? | The Independent


Nov 6, 2014 ... There are many types of IATC including individuals that do it: as a ... to intentionally hurting or torturing animals, as was also a composite ...

Reasons That People Abuse Animals - Health Guidance


People who mistreat and abuse animals may have a lot of problems that lead them to hurting these poor animals. Here are several reasons why some people ...

Why do people hurt animals without any reason? - Quora


Read a poem titled THE ELEPHANT AND THE TRAGOPAN by Vikram Seth. Same question ... Why do I want to hurt people or animals? Why do people hurt ...

Animal Cruelty » PAWS


Animal cruelty is when someone hurts an animal or does not care for an animal ... to catch people abusing animals, but your local animal control officers do.

Animal Cruelty and the Sadism of Everyday Life | Psychology Today


Sep 23, 2013 ... But why do some people and not others pull the wings off butterflies, toss ... impulsivity) was related to intentionally hurting or torturing animals, ...