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the reason why is to help them predict the weather.


Serious study of clock performance also requires the measurement of environmental factors that effect the timepiece. We now make an Atmospheric Sensor that ...


... any given time but how can we determine what the weather will do in the future ? ... Before the development of sophisticated tools for measuring weather, people ... Air temperature is one of the most commonly measured weather conditions. Thermometers are used to measure the amount of heat that is in the atmosphere.


Air consists of gas molecules, which are combinations of two or more atoms. Although you cannot see them with your eyes, the molecules are constantly moving ...


For most people, such descriptive terms are adequate. ... humidity, sunshine and cloudiness, and makes predictions and forecasts about what the weather will do in the future. ... Atmospheric pressure is measured by a barometer. ... Conditions.


Weather is created and changed by the atmosphere, specifically the troposphere, which is in continuous motion. ... Why do we measure weather and monitor climate? ... The further ahead we know about these conditions, the more time people ...


Jun 11, 2010 ... This image shows three common ways that atmospheric pressure is measured - using a mercurial barometer, an aneroid barometer or a ...


Feb 15, 2012 ... Nick asks, “…how do you predict the weather for a period of time? ... They use these tools to measure atmospheric conditions that occurred in the ... Most people are familiar with thermometers, barometers, and anemometers ...


Apr 22, 2008 ... The Earth's atmosphere and climate have become big concerns ... in the lower atmosphere, where humans live, letting researchers "see" the ... How Does A Lidar Work? ... During the ten-day mission, LITE measured the Earth's clouds and ... and the first water vapor lidar to operate in space-like conditions.


I suspect that people just started to use that convention (green - OK, yellow - moderate ... Q: What atmospheric conditions does a weather balloon measure?