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People need government to protect their inalienable rights, and prevent other power structures from taking over. A government is an agreement among the ...

Why Do People Need Government? - Importance Explained


Answer: John Lennon's "Imagine" is a beautiful song, but in the tally of things he can imagine us living without--possessions, religion, and so on--he never asks ...

The Purposes of Government [ushistory.org]


The Purposes of Government. ... Why do governments exist? ... Governments almost certainly originated with the need to protect people from conflicts and to ...

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Oct 16, 2008 ... I'm not entirely convinced that we humans need government. .... How do the people 'mutually accept' the actions of the government when most ...

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Nov 3, 2008 ... What role does the government play in our lives? ... People need a centralized regulating authority that is the driving force in the growth and ...

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If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither .... their rights), and pursue happiness. They are in place and given power by the society to ensure that people do not infringe on others rights.

Doug Casey: Why Do We Need Government? | International Man


Apr 29, 2016 ... Debunking the myth that governments serve the common people.

Government is Good - Why We Need More, Not Less, Government


Many people wanted a massive federal stimulus plan to ward off an economic ... These answers strongly indicate that we do need more government – not less ...

Doug Casey: Why Do We Need Government? | Zero Hedge


Jan 17, 2016 ... What (arguably) makes government necessary is the need for protection from other, even ... But politics do not deal with people as individuals.

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Jan 17, 2011 ... Why do we need a government? ... This is why schools have people who are in charge, such as the principal, administrators, teachers, and staff ...

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Why do we need a government? | Reference.com


As the Preamble to the United States Constitution states, a government is needed to "form a more perfect Union, ... Why do people discriminate against others?

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You will learn why they thought we need a government in the first place. You will also ... In a state of nature, people might feel free to do anything they want to do.

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Have you ever stopped to think about why we need government in the first place? ... A Practical Perspective What kinds of things does the government do that ...