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People need government to protect their inalienable rights, and prevent other power structures from taking over. A government is an agreement among the people that forms a higher p...

Why Do We Need a Government? - Center for Civic Education

We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution Middle School Grades. Student Book. Purpose of Lesson. This lesson introduces you to some of the basic ideas ...

Why do we have Governments Model Lesson - Gv6A1 - Why do we have Governments.doc

Title: Why do People Create Laws and Governments? .... C. The market system provides all the goods and services that people need; the government fulfills their  ...

The Purposes of Government []

The Purposes of Government. ... Why do governments exist? ... Governments almost certainly originated with the need to protect people from conflicts and to ...
Question: Why Do People Need Government? Answer: John Lennon's "Imagine" is a beautiful song, but in the tally of things he can imagine us living without--possessions, religion, and so on--he never asks us to imagine no government. And before leaving, Biff tells me th... More »
By Tom Head, Guide

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Oct 16, 2008 ... I'm not entirely convinced that we humans need government. .... How do the people 'mutually accept' the actions of the government when most ...

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Nov 3, 2008 ... A government serves as a central governing authority for the people who form a country. People need a centralized regulating authority that is ...

Why Even Morally Perfect People Would Need Government

BY GREGORY S. KAVKA. Why do we need government? A common view is that government is necessary to constrain people's conduct toward one another, ...

Government is Good - Why We Need More, Not Less, Government

Many people wanted a massive federal stimulus plan to ward off an economic ... These answers strongly indicate that we do need more government – not less ...

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There are many reasons why, we the people, need a government opposed to ... social contract theory, it says that even though all people have the right to do as ...

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Q: Why Do People Need Government?
A: John Lennon's "Imagine" is a beautiful song, but in the tally of things he can imagine us living without-possessions, religion, and so on-he never asks us to im... Read More »
Q: Why do people need government?
A: 3) To help protect citizens from whomever the enemy of the week might be. 1 0 Comment Feddie Mac/Fannie Mae make bad loans and because of that, we are in risk o... Read More »
Q: Why do people need the government?
A: Because without the goverment the world would fall apart. Take N. Korea or Afganistan. They don't have a good secure goverment therefore nobody is happy. Read More »
Q: Why do you need the Government?
A: Government is needed because it is the institution through which the people are able to maintain order, provide public services, and enforce decisions that are ... Read More »
Q: Why Do we Need Government?
A: We need government in order to enforce the rules we set for our society. We could all agree to play by a set of rules but what do we do when someone doesn't pla... Read More »