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People need government to protect their inalienable rights, and prevent other power structures from taking over. A government is an agreement among the ...

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Without a government, people would be less likely to respect contracts and agreements with one another due to the lack of an ... Why do we need democracy ?

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Why do we need government? Without it, individuals will create their own, a system political theorists refer to as despotism.

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Sep 22, 2016 ... What role does the government play in our lives? Why do we need a government ? Read on to find out.

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I don't think it's a question of needing governments. When people live together in groups, which is how humans typically live, certain behaviors are manifested.

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Have you ever stopped to think about why we need government in the first place? ... A Practical Perspective What kinds of things does the government do that ...

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Apr 29, 2016 ... Debunking the myth that governments serve the common people.

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Oct 7, 2011 ... GDS is leading the digital transformation of the UK government.

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Many people wanted a massive federal stimulus plan to ward off an economic ... These answers strongly indicate that we do need more government – not less ...

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Why do we need a government? | Reference.com


As the Preamble to the United States Constitution states, a government is needed ... The collective aspirations of a nation of people are entrusted to the officials ...

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You will learn why they thought we need a government in the first place. You will also ... In a state of nature, people might feel free to do anything they want to do.

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The Purposes of Government. ... Why do governments exist? ... Governments almost certainly originated with the need to protect people from conflicts and to ...