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Though nobody knows for sure why we say 'God Bless You' after a sneeze, one popular explanation is that it originated during the Bubonic Plague, when it was thought that sneezes were an early symptom.


God bless you is a common English expression, used to wish a person blessings in various situations, especially as a response to a sneeze, and also, when parting or writing a valediction. ... bless you". A typical polite response after being told "bless you" in response to sneezing is to thank the person who has said it.


May 4, 2016 ... Saying “bless you” when someone sneezes has to be up there with the ... First up is a pretty spellbinding one – apparently some people thought you ran ... He became pope after the man before him was killed by the plague in ...


What is the origin of saying ʺGod bless youʺ after a sneeze? ... The practice of saying, “God bless you,” when someone sneezes does not come from the Bible, ...


Jun 9, 2017 ... Why people say 'bless you' after a sneeze ... What we do know is that nearly every sneeze in the US is answered with a "bless you." But why?


THIS goes back to more superstitious times when a sneeze was believed to separate the soul from the body. To prevent the devil stealing the soul the ...


May 27, 2015 ... It's not what you expect. ... Why people say 'bless you' after sneezing ... who sneezed using the phrase 'live long,' or 'May Jupiter bless you,'" ...


Why do we say "bless you" when there is a sneeze? Learn about the ... Wishing someone well after they sneeze probably originated thousands of years ago.


May 3, 2016 ... Apparently, saying 'bless you' would stop the devil from claiming a sneezing person's ... For others, the soul had nothing to do with a sneeze. ... Well, we are British, after all. ... 10 things gluten-free people are tired of hearing ...


Why do we say 'Bless You! when someone sneezes? ... At one time people believed a man's soul could be inadvertently thrust from his body by an ... of it to surface in ancient writings (the earliest from 77 A.D., the generation right after Christ), ...