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Why Do People Talk in Their Sleep?
The phenomenon of people talking in their sleep is known as somniloquy, and it can occur in any stage of the dream cycle. Find out why sleep-talking is not considered to be a medical condition with help from a psychologist in this free video on why... More »
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Somniloquy - Wikipedia


Somniloquy or sleep-talking is a parasomnia that refers to talking aloud while asleep. It can be ... puberty, although in rare cases it may persist into adulthood ( about 4% of adults are reported to...

Sleep Talking - National Sleep Foundation


Learn about the causes and treatment for sleep talking. ... The good news is that for most people it is a rare and short-lived occurrence. ... Sleep-talkers are not typically aware of their behaviors or speech; therefore their voices and the type of  ...

Talking in Your Sleep: Sleep Talking Causes and Treatments


Jan 23, 2017 ... WebMD explains sleep talking, which may point to an underlying disorder. ... Many people talk in their sleep. Half of ... Do You Have Insomnia?

Why Do People Talk In Their Sleep? - Live Science


Mar 26, 2012 ... Almost all of us have at some point been told that we were talking in our sleep the night before. It can be a disturbing thing to hear. "Did I say ...

Why Do People Talk in Their Sleep? | Wellness | US News


Mar 4, 2015 ... If your bed partner starts spewing expletives – while sleeping – don't panic.

Why Do You Talk in Your Sleep? - Valley Sleep Center


There is no clear reason why some people talk in their sleep more than others. Sleep talking can increase in people who are depressed, who have a fever, ...

Facts About Talking in Your Sleep | Sleep.org


Say what? Find out why some people talk in their sleep. Are you quite the gabber during the night, or is your sleeping partner? Learn more, below, about why ...

Sleep Talking? What Does It Mean? | Psychology Today


Jul 9, 2013 ... Sleep talking: Minor annoyance or part of a bigger issue? ... This nocturnal language can even sound different from their wakeful speaking voice! ... In the earlier part of the night, people tend to be more in the deeper stages of sleep ( Stage 3/4) ... Do you know if you are actually speaking out the dreams?

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Talking in your sleep is speaking while asleep without knowing about it. This used to be called ... Who talks in their sleep? Many people talk in their sleep. Half of ...