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Football helmet


The football helmet is a piece of protective equipment used mainly in American football and Canadian football. It consists of a hard plastic shell with thick padding on the inside, a face mask made ...

Why are nfl quarterbacks wearing a green dot on their helmet


Why are NFL quarterbacks wearing a green dot on their football helmet? ... Helmets with green dots have radio receivers in them. Coaches can call in plays from ...

Why do NFL quarterbacks have a green dot on the backs of their ...


The green dot indicates that the player's helmet has radio communication enabled with the sideline. One player on each side (offense and defense) has this. B...

NFL installs new coach-to-defense communications system - NFL.com


Aug 12, 2008 ... Like their offensive counterparts, defensive coordinators will ... helmet marked by a green dot, such as those worn by quarterbacks. Two defensive players will have "live" helmets, but only one of those helmets can be on the field at a time. ... capability will be identified with a prominently displayed green ...

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Sep 30, 2008 ... A lot of people wondered about his, so what better way to answer it than to answer it? Why do quarterbacks have green dots on their helmets?

What Do the Stickers on Football Helmets Mean? | LIVESTRONG.COM


Dec 16, 2010 ... Sometimes, football teams like to decorate their helmets with pride stickers. ... you may have noticed a bright green dot on one or two players' helmets. ... The quarterback on offense and the defensive captain or play-caller are ...

NFL Helmets Are Finally Using Technology to Make Things Not Suck


Aug 22, 2012 ... The NFL has said there are some 268 million different military-grade encryption ... And while security is strict, teams also do their due diligence to protect transmissions. .... Snell or DOT testing of motorcycle helmets (which are basically ... the plays they always show quarterbacks looking at during the game.

Quarterback helmet radios are top secret - Fluke


That player, by rule, must have a green dot on his helmet to mark him as the ... All team marks and other trademarks are owned by their respective owners.

What's That Green Dot on Player's Helmets?? - NFL RUSH


Sep 16, 2007 ... The green dot means that the helmet has a radio transmitter inside of it. In the NFL, quarterbacks wear helmets with a radio inside, so that the coaches can talk to the player ... why do they only put their last name on their jersy?

N.F.L. Defenses Use Speakers in Helmets to Relay Calls - The New ...


Oct 4, 2008 ... Since 1994, quarterbacks have worn a speaker. ... Maybe defensive coaches should thank New England Coach Bill Belichick for trying to steal their signals. ... A green dot designates the defensive player with a speaker in his helmet to ... play to the point that the defense does not have time to communicate.

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What does the green dot on a football helmet mean? - Dear Sports Fan


Oct 10, 2014 ... I notice that some football helmets have little green dots on the back of them ... quarterbacks to have radio receivers in their helmets so that their ...

Why do NFL QBs have green dots on the back of their helmets ...


Enzo asks, “Have you noticed every NFL QB has a round neon green sticker on the back of their helmet this year? What is this? Is it a hole so God can see in.

Why do only quarterbacks in the NFL have a bright green sticker on ...


Sep 28, 2009 ... All QBs will have a green dot on their helmet. It signifies that the player has a radio helmet and the NFL will put the stickers on the helmets ...