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Whether an object sinks or floats depends on its density and the density of the liquid into which it is placed. If the object has a greater density than the liquid, ...

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Will the bigger objects sink, while the smaller objects float? Place the objects on the water ... Some objects have molecules that are packed closely together. Others have molecules that are packed more loosely. This is density. Objects ... Answer: Salt water is denser than freshwater, so things do float better. Enjoyed the Easy ....

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Why do some things float and others sink? The first thing that comes to mind for many people is that it depends on how heavy an object is. While an object's ...

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Because many materials have different density. The iron sinks when you put it in water because .... A while ago, I was at Michael's (a craft store) on my lunch break . Two cashiers and one giant line of 20+ people. I was second in line, and when ...

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Sinking and Floating Facts Have you ever wondered about why some things sink and some things float? You might even think that bigger things sink and smaller. ... little objects called molecules are jam packed together, and in others they ... Some boats are massive, and would seem very dense, so how do they stay afloat ?

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Oct 28, 2014 ... Floating or sinking of an object does not depend on its weight, it depends upon its density. Things denser than water sink in water whereas ...

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May 7, 2007 ... This is an inquiry-based activity designed to introduce students to the concept of density by investigating why some objects float and some ...

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Dec 2, 2015 ... I bet you know that wood floats in water and a rock sinks to the bottom. ... Density is a big part of why some things float and others don't. Objects ...

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Objects float if they are light for their size and sink if they are heavy for ... Some students could become confused if teachers do not recognise this. Students have a range of views about why some things float while others sink. Younger students  ...

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This has to do with density, which is mass divided by volume. Some objects start out with a density of less than water (1 gram per cubic centimeter), so they float ...