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Why Do Some People's Eyes Change Color?
The iris is the colored portion of the human eye. Eye color is determined by the amount of pigment found in the iris. Large amounts of pigment result in brown eyes, medium amounts result in greenish hues or middle-toned colors, small amounts of pigment... More »
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An iris that appears golden contains some melanin even at ... argument to state that some eyes can or do change, ...

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Certain emotions can change both the pupil size and the iris color. That's why some people say their eyes change colors when they're angry or loving.

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1 Why do Eyes Change Color; 2 When do Babies Eye Change Color; 3 Why do my ... sad, your eyes color changes to reddish contrasting with the color of the iris ... The above are some of the causes that makes your eyes to change in color.

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Apr 28, 2014 ... Some people say the color of their eyes has changed with age or can change with their moods. One expert, Ivan Schwab, a professor of ...

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This is possibly an aquired heterochromia. Heterochromia could be congenital or acquired. ... Why do my eyes change color from brown to green or vice versa? Is it possible for eyes to ... Some people's eye color just change as they age.

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Hmm that is a very good question, and since nobody has answered yet, I figured I 'd take a stab ... Thanks for the question, hopefully we'll get some more feedback! ... Are people with dark-colored eyes more sensitive to light than those with ...

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What part of the work “age” do you not get? Time passes, whether noticed or not. Age happens, more quickly for some than others. Iris color, for most folks, ...

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Discover what determines eye color, how eye color changes, and learn what ... much of the pigment melanin you have in your iris—the colored part of your eyes. ... and the importance of protecting your eyes, head to Eyeconic to grab some ...

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Oct 25, 2005 ... What determines eye color is the pigment melanin. ... THE BOTTOM LINE -- Eyes can change color in some people because of genetics or ...