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As a rule, fatter people float better. Everyone floats better in salt water, but not everyone knows that. Mostly, though, there's a lot of head-talk about wa...

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Adults especially are curious as to why can some people float and why do some ... Yes, fat people are better floaters than thin, or muscular people. ... Tell us and share your questions to help inspire and encourage others learning to swim.

Why do some people float better than others? - Ask.com


How people float is based on their specific density, so people who float have a lower density than people who don't float well. Specifically, people with a higher ...

Do Objects Float Better in Salt Water Than in Fresh ... - Infoplease


Physical Science · Why Do Some Objects Fall Faster Than Others? ... objects float better on a dense surface, they float better on salt water than fresh water.

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Mar 16, 2016 ... Apply some scientific thinking and you'll find you can swim much more effectively. ... thinking about the solid science that keeps people afloat can give you enough ..... buoyant, but we float better in some positions than others.

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In humans, the predominant constituent matters are bone, muscle, fat, air in the lungs and ... Fat has a specific gravity of less than 1.0 and floats in water, while both bone and muscle ... Some body parts are more buoyant than others, and so the center of ... Occasionally, there are individuals who can float horizontally with a ...

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Some people have a much harder time staying near the surface, but hte truth ... they have no trouble at all...and in some ways are better swimmers ... the surface while you float face down...they weigh less than a can of soup. ... Being able to float or not is basically irrelevant to swimming, as others have said.

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Aug 19, 2015 ... As others have said, as the body rots, gas builds up inside, making it buoyant. .... However, some of the...larger...people might end up floating, or at least .... The irony is that a heavier person floats better than a lighter person, ...

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Apr 16, 2013 ... Why can so few black people swim compared to the UK population as a whole? ... through better direction through the water than their non-swimming white ... floats (some black men's heads do float lower than white men's).

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It would depend if it is really fat or muscle. If it is fat, then it is actually oil, and oil is less dense ... + 52 others found this useful. Was this answer useful? ... Why do some people can float better in the ocean than on a lake? On average, sea water  ...

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As long as the water your body displaces weighs more than you do, you float. This is basically ... Finally, there is a curious phenomenon of apparently greater buoyancy — for some people — in deep water. ... Body fat floats better than muscle.

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May 10, 2011 ... Some components of the body are denser than others. ... This is why heavy metal ships can float on the water—they're big enough to have ... also help explain why some animals—and people—are more buoyant than others.

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Some people have said oxygen in the blood while others say its body fat. ... Placid versus the Dead Sea, the Dead Sea would be easier to float in because how ...