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True, the forum title may seem narrow minded and provocative to some, but, speaking as a Yankee, what is the origin of the southern accent?

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My question to you is, if you think this why do you and your people keep .... sit around and talk about us... but you bought your house from a southerner, .... When I first lived in the South, I just figured Southerns just talked funny.

Words Only Southerners Say | - Pretty Southern


Jun 29, 2011 ... Because of this tragic lack of getting the roads fixed, Southerners do not call our .... girl God's got me living up here to teach these Northerners how to talk. ..... We have a way of life that may seem odd but I'm cajun and its funny ...

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Feb 1, 2016 ... Talking to complete strangers in public is not weird — in fact, it's just good ... Do NOT, under any circumstances, get Texas and Carolina BBQ ...

Do Southerners Speak Slowly? | Dialect Blog


Oct 22, 2011 ... Do people with Southern accents speak slower than Northerners? ... slower talking, but my (hardly unique) impression is that Southerners don't ...

10 Common Misconceptions About Southerners - Brie Gowen


Jul 30, 2014 ... Not all Southerners hunt, and even if we do, we also buy food from stores. ... The Funny-talking Southerner. ... Southerners don't talk funny.

Northerners, what do you hate about the south? Southerners, what ...


Apr 23, 2015 ... You all talk funny too (looking at you New Jersey, Boston, & Chicago). .... As a southerner, I hate the stereotype that the south is full of hicks.

How to Talk Like a Southerner - K International


Mar 5, 2012 ... Here's an introductory course in how to talk like a Southerner. ... Do you know anyone from the American South? ... I think he mainly continues to use it because he thinks it sounds funny, and that's why I included it here.

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How do you pronounce the second syllable in pajamas? Sounds like jam ... Now you can talk with others who have taken our test about your accent and theirs.

A Guide to Southern Accents and Sayings | WanderWisdom


May 5, 2016 ... Southerners with a heavy country accent don't say tire like you do. .... Her co- workers thought it was such a funny thing to say! ... there needs to be a class to teach us the old southern way of talking before it is completely gone.

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Dec 9, 2012 ... What do you think happened when the young children were asked who ... The authors suggest that Southerners do not categorize speakers of ...

What do southerners hate about northerners? - Discussion on Topix


Jun 22, 2012 ... Secondly; Southerners do not like folks from the North, who leave the North to ... You southerner's talk so damn slow and you have to pause cause you can't .... Really Weird Things That Happened to People at Disney World ...

10 Things This Southerner Wishes Northeasterners Knew - xoJane


Sep 25, 2013 ... “Just because I talk slow doesn't mean I'm stupid. ... So do yourself a favor, and disabuse yourself of this notion altogether. ... Not SO weird, since I'm from Florida, and many Southerners don't consider Florida “the South,” but ...