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An object falls due to the force of gravity, as HowStuffWorks.com explains. Gravity is the force that pulls objects, including people, to the Earth's surface. Contributions from bo...

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Students learn more about forces by examining the force of gravitational attraction. They observe how objects fall and measure the force of gravitational ...

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Ever tried throwing a ball, high up in the air? Does it keep flying? No, it comes back to the ground. You might think it is magic? But an adult will disagree and say ...

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Sep 21, 2004 ... Introduction to motion, accelerated motion, and free fall; part of an ... Galileo was probably the first to look closely at the way objects fell down to Earth. .... They should sound evenly spaced: if they do not, adjust their distances ...

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Nov 2, 2008 ... If a child asks you why things fall down, how do you answer? Most of us ... If a child told us things fall by magic, how would you correct her?

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Gravity is a major player in the study of physical science. It is, of course, the force of gravity that causes objects to fall. One object always exerts a force of ...

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If something is dropped, why does it fall? ... What is it about gravity that causes things to drop to the ground? ... From how far up do you wish to drop the ball?

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But why do all objects free fall at the same rate of acceleration regardless of their mass? Is it because they all weigh the same? ... because they all have the ...

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Jan 30, 2012 ... Q: Why does gravity make some things orbit and some things fall? ... if thrown objects make elliptical paths, then why do they appear to follow ...

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This is actually quite a good question. I'm going to answer in terms of general relativity. Let's say you're in a box (or a spaceship) and you are in interst...

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Q: Why do things fall.
A: That's what things do in gravitational fields. All objects that have mass have an associated gravity. Einstein's work suggests that gravity causes a bending of ... Read More »
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Q: Why do things fall.
A: Things fall because of the gravitational pull on objects to the Earth. The same reason why we walk instead of floating around. Gravity. Each particle of matter ... Read More »
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Q: Why do things fall?
A: Scratch that. My friend told me about this book that answers almost every question a little kid would have about life, nature, and everything in between. I thin... Read More »
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Q: Why do things fall?
A: Newton's gravitational law specifies there is a force F between any two masses m and M that is = GmM/R^2 G is a constant of proportionality that is supposedly t... Read More »
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Q: Why do things fall to the ground?
A: Because there are a pair of equal gravitational forces between every two masses, and they act along the line between the centers of the masses. The line between... Read More »
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