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Decomposition is the process by which organic substances are broken down into much simpler forms of matter. The process is essential for recycling the finite matter that occupies physical space in t...

Why Does Food Rot? | Wonderopolis


Jan 8, 2015 ... Although rotting is a natural process that all foods eventually go through if left exposed to ... How do you keep food from rotting at your house?

Why don't we rot while we're alive? - Quora


Jan 22, 2015 ... Things start to rot because the rate of decay becomes higher than the rate ... Our defenses a prevent us from rotting alive and continue to do so, ...

Why does food decay? - Science Sparks


Mar 5, 2012 ... Find out in this fun science investigation using rotting apples. ... This is because salt draws the moisture out of the food so the micro-organisms do not thrive and cannot reproduce as fast ... Can you think of other things to try?

does your body rot after death, would it not rot in a vacuum chamber ...


Nov 22, 2012 ... If you do a search on body farms, I bet people have tried that ... Other things have an effect on how much you rot too like what you died of, how ...

Why does rotting food smell bad? | Tufts Now


Dec 15, 2014 ... Why do these microbes go to all the trouble to produce such a frightening ... While we tend to think of rotting food as a bad thing, humans have ...



If every organism that died did not decay and rot away, the earth's surface would soon be covered in a deep layer of dead bodies that would remain intact ...

Recycling the dead | Science News for Students - Student Science


Sep 27, 2014 ... And except in very rare cases, all of those dead things will rot. ... To do this, she uses a special oxygen-free chamber at the University of ...

If an astronaut died in space, would he decompose? (no bacteria but ...


These are the processes that we generally call rotting, and they produce the bad ... in weathering, and oxygen will react with proteins and many other things.

Why do some things become fossils, but others do ... - K-5 GeoSource


For an organism to become a fossil, it must not decompose or be eaten. This can happen if the ... Why do some things, like fruit, rot or decay? Do all living things ...

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Why do things rot or decay? | Yahoo Answers


Oct 25, 2007 ... Best Answer: Not sure if this helps, but everything in nature is bound by the Law of Entropy. All objects want to find a level of equilibrium, this ...

Rot - Elementary Science Program


Preserving Food Decay may be good when it recycles things into soil, but not usually when it comes to our food. What do we do to make sure our food doesn't rot ...

Why don't living things rot? | Science Focus


Apr 21, 2016 ... They do, we just call it an infection. All living things are under continual attack from bacteria and fungi but they are mostly able to repel these ...