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There may be no obvious cause for hiccups, but possible causes are abdominal surgery, hot and spicy foods, noxious fumes, stroke or brain tumor.


A hiccup (/ˈhɪkəp/ HIK-əp; also spelled hiccough) is an involuntary ... The hiccup is an involuntary action involving a reflex arc. ..... "Why do we hiccup?". Gut 41: ...

Why Do We Yawn, Hiccup and Get Goosebumps? | Health ...

Jan 22, 2015 ... Throughout the ages, people have wondered and invented explanations – some reasonable and some quite far-fetched – as to why we yawn, ...

Why Do We Hiccup? - Medical News Today

Sep 22, 2014 ... Hiccups are bursts of inspiratory (breathing in) activity. The muscles we use when we take in a breath are the intercostal muscles situated ...

Hiccups: How to get rid of hiccups - Medical News Today

May 15, 2015 ... Rarely, hiccups may require medical treatment and we'll take a look at the ... tips for dealing with a bout of hiccups that you can do on your own.

Why Do We Hiccup? | IFLScience

Jul 31, 2015 ... Hiccups are a rather annoying and strange phenomena. Most people will experience at least one in their lifetime. So will cats, dogs, horses and ...

What Causes Hiccups? - KidsHealth

The part to blame is your diaphragm (say: DIE-uh-fram). This is a dome-shaped muscle at the bottom of your chest, and all hiccups start here. How often do you ...

Hiccups-Topic Overview - WebMD

Jun 4, 2014 ... Hiccups occur when a spasm contracts the diaphragm, a large sheet of ... within a few minutes to a few hours and do not require any treatment.

Hiccups: Causes, Risk Factors & Treatments - Healthline

Sep 10, 2012 ... Hiccups are repetitive, uncontrollable contractions of the diaphragm. ... We do this by creating quality health information that is authoritative, ... Do We Hiccup?&v=UTLz-wHH2Pc
Sep 5, 2014 ... Hiccups can be irritating when we get them. But knowing why we get them & how to cure them would surely be of great help.Watch the video ...
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Q: Why do we hiccup?
A: Hiccups are bursts of inspiratory (breathing in) activity. Hiccups ... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: Why do we hiccup?
A: A hiccup is an unintentional movement (spasm) of the diaphragm, the muscle at the base of the lungs. The spasm is followed by quick closure of the vocal cords, ... Read More »
Q: Why Do We Hiccup?
A: sometimes it's cos we eat fast Read More »
Q: Why do we hiccup?
A: Irritation to the phrenic nerves while breathing, such as soda or food particales, induces a s... Read More »
Q: Why do we hiccup
A: Hiccups may result from a large meal, alcoholic beverages or sudden excitement. You can get rid of them by drinking water! Ask 24/7! Read More »