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Censorship, Violence & Press Freedom · What we do · Article 19


Violence, bans and seizure of content are just some of the methods used to directly censor and suppress people and their ideas. Censorship in all its forms is  ...

Do we need Censorship in the Media? - Marked by Teachers


We might even need censorship in some movies to protect young people fro m ... This is because Britain did not want to do anything which could risk the state of ...

We Don't Need Censorship to Protect Children - Forbes


Nov 13, 2012 ... We Don't Need Censorship to Protect Children .... restricting what children can see or do online, preferring to leave that in the hands of families.



Jan 1, 2015 ... We usually think of free expression as pertaining to what we do during our ..... He argues that there is a specific reason that we need to censor ...

Media Censorship: Good or Bad? - Target GD/PI


Mar 22, 2014 ... It has reached a juncture where we need to verify that what is printed ... the governing bodies of our country cannot do much about what that ...

censorship - School of Communication and Information


May 2, 1997 ... We feel the need to "protect" children from dangerous or disturbing ideas ... Obviously, however, we do attempt to "protect" young people from ...

Turkey: "We Need Internet Censorship, Because Violence Against ...


Feb 13, 2014 ... The translation of the ad, according to political analyst and blogger Gürkan Özturan, is: “Violence is a crime. What about the Internet? Absence ...

Should we step up online censorship? - New Statesman


Aug 9, 2012 ... There is a need for drastic action to be taken to prevent young ... own kids do, and have little control over the internet content their children can ...

David Cameron: Protecting our children online - Index on Censorship


Jul 22, 2013 ... But in no other market — and with no other industry — do we have ... Obviously, we need to tackle this at every step of the way, whether it's ...

China: We Need To Censor The Internet To Maintain Stability ...


Nov 19, 2014 ... China: We Need To Censor The Internet To Maintain Stability ... in what an Internet monitoring group said was a blunt censorship campaign.

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BLANKLEY: Yes, we need censorship - Washington Times


Feb 12, 2009 ... BLANKLEY: Yes, we need censorship. By Tony ..... Do America a favor, Tony: Put on your lace panties and hide under the bed for the duration.

We Need Censorship :: Argumentative Persuasive Topics


Category: Argumentative Persuasive Topics; Title: We Need Censorship. ... Each day that goes on and we do not take action, children become more and more ...

Does the Internet need censorship? | Debate.org


Express your opinions as to whether the Internet needs censorship. Find out ... We do not need to feed the minds of the radical nuts and insane people. To allow  ...

What children need is censorship - The Guardian


Nov 11, 2008 ... What children need is censorship ... the most demanding, acquisitive, materialistic and entitled generation we have ever seen. ... If you really want to protect your children, you have to do what parents have always done: to ...

Censorship: Why Do We Need It? | Modular Bloggers


May 28, 2013 ... In the following analysis, I will argue that since censorship prohibits progress in society, we must support the legalization and regulation of porn, ...