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How Do I Accept Jesus As My Savior? - In Touch Ministries


Do you want to know God? Do you yearn to experience the Lord's comforting presence, power, and wisdom? That's good, because God loves you and wants to ...

5 Reasons Why Christians Should NOT Accept Jesus As Their ...


Christians need to reject the idea of the personal Jesus, and we need to do it for 5 ... for people to “accept Jesus as your personal saviorneeds to be overturned.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a ...


You can be forgiven of your sins through the Atonement of Jesus Christ by the process of repentance. Because Heavenly Father knew we would sometimes ...

Why Do I Need a Savior? - Cru


Christianity says everybody needs a Savior. ... Do it myself. .... If we come to Jesus in surrender, sick by our sin and certain of justice's demands, He will take our ...

Why do I need a Savior? - Jesus Christ, The Son of God


Faith in Jesus Christ not only brings blessings in this life, but it is essential to our ... With you, we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ ...

Prayer Of Salvation - God


Prayer Of Salvation - A conversation with God where we confess our sin and ... We admit we are ready to trust Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. ... To sin is simply to fall short of the mark, as an arrow that does not quite hit the bull's-eye.

Why is Jesus Christ important in my life?


How can you help them discover His importance in their lives? ... Jesus Christ,” “ Why We Need a Savior—A Christmas Message about Our Savior Jesus Christ.

Accepting Jesus As Lord, Savior, And God - Presentation Ministries


AV43-1 Baptism in the Holy Spirit / Accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior and God; List all ... Because Jesus is human, we can relate to Him on our level. ... Finally, we need community if we are to open all the doors for God's power in our lives.

I'm a Good Person, Why Do I Need a Savior? - CBN.com


If I've tried to be a good person all my life, why do I need to accept Christ as my Lord ... When we accept by faith that he did that for us, he becomes our Savior.

Why We Need a Savior: Dead in Sins | Desiring God


Dec 8, 1985 ... The first reason is that the more keenly we feel our need for a Savior, the ... and lively role in causing us to love Jesus Christ, our Savior. ... What does Paul mean when he says that we were dead in our trespasses and sins?

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What does it mean to accept Jesus as your personal Savior?


Jesus Christ is God, the Creator, the sovereign Lord. Have you accepted this Jesus? What is a Savior, and why do we need a Savior? The Bible tells us that we ...

Jesus Christ as Savior: Why We Need Salvation - the Gospel Way


Jesus as Your Savior Why Do You Need Salvation through the Sacrifice of Christ ? Why do we need salvation from sin? How important are Jesus' death by ...

Jesus Christ. Savior & Redeemer-Christian Beliefs | Mormon.org


Mormons believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and His life and teachings are the way to peace and happiness ... All we need to do is let him carry our burdens.