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All people need to be cleansed from the effects of sin and to return to the presence of God. ... You can also invite your friends to visit christmas.mormon.org .


Christianity says everybody needs a Savior. ... Christianity says I need a savior. ... Worse still, if eggs symbolize my private thoughts, I can't even collect 8 good ...


They say to me, “I just don't feel the need for Christ. ... If the only way I can escape punishment is through a Savior and if I want to escape that, then I need a Savior. ... accountable for their lives—that God really does not require righteousness.


Jesus as Your Savior Why Do You Need Salvation through the Sacrifice of Christ ? Why do we need salvation from sin? How important are Jesus' death by ...


Jesus Christ was the only one “good enough” to sacrifice his life for our sins. When we accept by faith that he did that for us, he becomes our Savior. We are then ...


Dec 8, 1985 ... The first reason is that the more keenly we feel our need for a Savior, the ... and lively role in causing us to love Jesus Christ, our Savior. ... What does Paul mean when he says that we were dead in our trespasses and sins?


I have sought for the help of the Lord in selecting a subject and also for help in delivering that subject. My desire to do well is not a selfish one. I'm concerned that ...


Here is our starting point with God: we are lost and need a Savior! Let God's Word interpret your true condition, and point you to only One who can rescue you . ... If you were to ask most people, even Christians, why sin is a problem and why we ...


To be allowed to pass through heaven's gate, you need to have all of your sins removed. The only cleanser strong enough to thoroughly remove sin stains is the  ...

Nov 29, 2015 ... What would life be like without a Savior? ... Why We Need a Savior — A Christmas message about our Savior Jesus Christ. ... peace and happiness our Savior Jesus Christ can bring into our lives at http://www.mormon.org.