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Why Do We Need Education? - Buzzle

Oct 18, 2012 ... It is often said that, 'Knowledge is power'. Although there has always been a debate on this matter, the importance of education cannot be ...

Do we need education? |

Yes education is needed. Education makes a person independent because of a person is no longer dependent on others for food, shelter,job etc.From my point ...

Top 15 Reasons why Education is Extremely Important - Listovative

Education is what you need if you want an answer to your 'whats' and 'hows' and ... Education is a must if we want to do away with the existing differences ...

Do we really Need Education to be Successful? - Group Discussion

5 days ago ... But I come to think that, may be what we need in the society is to change the whole perception about why should a person get educated in the ...

Top 15 Reasons Why Education is Extremely Important | ListSurge

No, we do not need just literate citizens, but educated ones too. We do not want to be a group of people who can read and write but make nothing out of it.

Why Do We Educate Kids? | Glen Lineberry - Huffington Post

Aug 5, 2012 ... Sure, we want them to have jobs, and the sooner they're trained for them, the better. But we also need an educated citizenry -- to create the new ...

Why do we need to study population education? |

According to Population Education, social and environmental issues center around population growth. Teaching population education ties real world learning to ...

why we want to get education? - Askville

Some of the obvious reasons why do we need education are: * Education broadens your horizon and gives you a better understanding of the ...

Why do we need adult education? - European Association for the ...

We need to involve people in the political discussion and increase their understanding of democracy. Besides the European parliamentary elections, Sweden ...

What Do You Think We Need from Education? — Whole Child ...

Apr 2, 2014 ... As we continue our discussions on "Choosing Your Tomorrow Today" and "The Future of Schooling" as part of ASCD's Whole Child ...

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Q: Why we need education?
A: Hi, Education is the complete source of life. Without education, you can live, but life will not be better. Education gives you, Confidence. Source to live. Giv... Read More »
Q: Why Do We Need Education ?
A: We need education as a country because it changes the trajectory of our lives; it makes getting into crime, taking drugs, falling into poverty, becoming pregnan... Read More »
Q: Why Do We Need Education?
A: First of all, school and education are not the same thing. Going to school is just one way that we get educated. And ultimately, no teacher, parent or mentor is... Read More »
Q: Why do people need education?
A: Education is like shelter and food. Those are considered the basic things to one's life. We need education to enhance our knowledge. Education can make a person... Read More »
Q: Why do we need education?
A: If someone tells you something wrong, hazards, or just for control aspect, with education you will know it. Lack of education and suppression of information, is... Read More »