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Feb 2, 2017 ... "We found a lot of people who'd prefer to see the ads for the first time during ... But Super Bowl ads usually are, so watching them doesn't feel like the ... Not only do Americans generally enjoy watching Super Bowl spots, they ...


Feb 4, 2016 ... On average, Americans do not have a major problem with musical artists lip syncing ... “If you are watching the Super Bowl for the ads you have ...


Feb 2, 2016 ... Why We Watch the Super Bowl ... But why do we all watch this game? ... And, appearing in the game provides the mantle of "Super Bowl ad," ...


Feb 5, 2017 ... NEW YORK >> You can watch the Super Bowl online for free, but there are a few catches. For starters, you're out of luck on phones unless ...


Feb 5, 2017 ... Here are the 10 Super Bowl ads you need to watch. .... We'll see if it can reverse Nintendo's fortunes in the consoles department when it's ...


Geber86/Getty Images There's a lot you can learn about your kids during ... Super Bowl commercials are, of course, legendary for their creativity and cost.


NOW PLAYING. Hyundai: Helping troops enjoy Super Bowl LI. NOW PLAYING ... PLAYING. Sprite: LeBron James won't tell you to drink a Sprite. NOW PLAYING.


Jan 14, 2017 ... Before this year, Super Bowl commercials were blocked in Canada by a practice ... which aims to protect Canadian broadcasters while allowing TV viewers to watch U.S.-based channels. ... “We're just asking for a fair shake.”.


Feb 4, 2016 ... How the Super Bowl Became America's Most Important Event ... You are going to watch the game this year—the 50th edition of the Super ... crowd, entertained by the various commercials, or bloated from beer and bean dip.


Feb 5, 2017 ... Watch the Super Bowl commercials here and get your Sunday back ... Let us know what you liked and didn't like in the comments section at the ...