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Curiosities: Why does it seem women like chocolate so much more ...


Apr 25, 2007 ... Chocolate doesn't just tingle the tongue; it's a soup of many compounds that affect the brain, including caffeine and theobromines. And it's true: ...

Why Women Love Chocolate More Than Men (and Are Happier for It ...


Mar 30, 2010 ... "Chocolate does affect women differently than men", is what Prof. Auger from UW -Madison says. He, from the field of psychology, studies the ...

Why Do Women Crave Chocolate? / Nutrition / Healthy Eating - FitDay


Both men and women crave chocolate, but far more women than men ... we cant eat chocolate, what should we be eating to stop the crave??? and does it work?

Chocolate Consumption and Women's Sexual Function ...


Feb 13, 2010 ... According to an Italian study, women who consumed chocolate ... Obsession— And Women's · Does Hysterectomy Affect Women's Sexuality?

Why do women love chocolate so much | 2KnowMySelf


I know that most people, including men, love chocolate but why do women ... The Amygdala is a part of the brain that can affect emotions and sexual desire.

Chocolate craving comes from total sensory pleasure - BBC News


Jul 27, 2013 ... He blamed an increase in hysteria among women and nuns in ... Even a sharp rise in the price of chocolate did not affect consumption levels in convents, he says. ... Chocolate does contain small amounts of tyramine and ...

The truth about men, women and food | Life and style | The Guardian


Oct 17, 2010 ... Does it follow then, if women taste a bitterness that men miss, that women ... It's even been suggested that when women eat chocolate it affects ...

Your Hormones & Chocolate - Hormone Health Network


Many people, both men and women, experience chocolate cravings. Decreased blood sugar levels can cause individuals to crave chocolate and the sugar it ...

The Effects of Chocolate on Hormones | LIVESTRONG.COM


Jun 16, 2011 ... Chocolate's effect on hormones can reduce stress and suppress appetite.... ... studying, and both American men and women reported chocolate cravings in the evening. ... Why Does Chocolate Cause the Heart to Skip a Beat?

Chocolate and women's sexual health: An intriguing correlation.


J Sex Med. 2006 May;3(3):476-82. Chocolate and women's sexual health: An intriguing correlation. Salonia A(1), Fabbri F, Zanni G, Scavini M, Fantini GV, ...

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Q: Why does alcohol affect men differently then women?
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Q: Why does anorexia disorders generally affect women?
A: Anorexia affects both males and females, but about 90% of sufferers are female. There are a few reasons / theories to explain this. In western society, the most... Read More »
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Q: Does chocolate affect women or men more?
A: Recent research suggests that women are more susceptible to the effects Read More »
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Q: Why does chocolate turn women on.
A: Chocolate contains phenylethylamine - the same chemical that is released in your Read More »
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Q: Why does baldness affect men more then women ?
A: Because the genes for baldness are carried only on the Y chromosome. Same as the genes for beards and balls! Read More »
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