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A Diet Coke and Mentos eruption is a reaction between the carbonated beverage Diet Coke .... "Why Do Mentos and Diet Coke React?". Retrieved 2014-09-30.

The Science of Coke and Mentos | Eepy Bird


Why do Diet Coke & Mentos and Coke Zero & Mentos create such exciting geysers? ... The MythBusters showed that your stomach won't explode, but it still  ...

Why Do Mentos and Diet Coke React? - Today I Found Out


Nov 16, 2012 ... If you've ever wondered why Diet Coke and Mentos react so strongly to one another, well, wonder no more. To start, it should be noted that it's ...

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Jul 31, 2008 ... ... explore the science behind the fabled Diet Coke and Mentos phenomenon. ... 100 Science Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation ...

Mentos Geyser Experiment - The Lab - Steve Spangler Science


Why do Mentos turn ordinary bottles of diet soda into geysers of fun? The answer is a little more complicated than you might think. Let's start with the soda .

Diet Coke & Mentos Geyser Eruption - Fun Science Experiments for ...


One of the most popular experiments of modern times is the Diet Coke and Mentos ... friends and family (assuming you do it outside rather than in the living room). ... Large bottle of Diet Coke; About half a pack of Mentos; Geyser tube ( optional ...

Why do Mentos mints foam when you drop them into soda ... - Antoine


Why do Mentos mints foam when you drop them into soda pop? My 12 year old son saw the Mentos mint experiment with diet pop (add a Mentos mint and the ...

Spurting Science: Erupting Diet Coke with Mentos - Scientific ...


Jun 14, 2012 ... Have you ever seen the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment that is all over the Internet and wondered what makes the reaction work? ... What does the inside of the candies look like? .... Emulsion Explosion: How to Make Butter.

Diet Coke and Mentos MiniMyth | MythBusters | Discovery


Scary-Go-Round High Speed 2. 1:00. Exploding Tattoo MiniMyth. 4:31. Killer Deck MiniMyth. 4:04. Scary-Go-Round High Speed 1. 1:00. Blue Ice Aftershow.

Why does soda explode when you put Mentos in it? | Reference.com


The explosion created when soda and Mentos are combined occurs because ... Diet sodas tend to produce a stronger reaction, which is typically attributed to the  ...

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Why Do Diet Coke and Mentos React? | Mental Floss


Feb 6, 2013 ... Combine Diet Coke and Mentos, and the result is explosive—Diet ... [but] did not sufficiently explain why those ingredients affect the explosion, ...

Science of Mentos-Diet Coke explosions explained | New Scientist


Jun 12, 2008 ... Drop some Mentos sweets into a bottle of Diet Coke and a ... But caffeine-free Diet Coke did just as well, suggesting that caffeine does not ...

Mentos And Diet Coke--The Explosive Reaction Explained! | A ...


Nov 11, 2009 ... Mentos And Diet Coke–The Explosive Reaction Explained! ... show that when you place a mento in a diet cola drink an explosion happens...why? ... Why Does This Happen? Why do they always use Mentos and diet cola?