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Why Does Discrimination Occur?
There is some scientific research to suggest that discrimination and prejudice were present in ancient man. The fear of that which is different, that which we do not understand, could have been an adaptive strategy early on in our history. Those who... More »
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Allport was one of the greatest theorists on prejudice and discrimination. Allport theorised that there were 5 ways in which discrimination can occur. These 5 ...

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Discrimination incidents occur in many places including workplaces, schools, public places, in politics and many other places. Here is more.

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Discrimination is unlawful if it happens in the following areas: Work. You are protected from discrimination in the workforce by law, including full time, part time , ...

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Discrimination still exists in the workplace today despite laws put into place to ... Through FY 2012 · Huffington Post Business: Does Discrimination Still Exist?

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Unfortunately, workplace discrimination still occurs in today's society despite federal, state and local employment laws that prohibit discriminatory treatment.

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Aug 29, 2011 ... This piece by David Sirota in Salon struck a nerve with me. He makes the case that race discrimination still exists. Sad, but it's something that ...

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Among animals there is such problem. There are different types of dogs.They do not move together. Same is true of goat and sheep. They are comfortable ...

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When most people mention discrimination, they think of black people. Why does it happen? Discrimination occurs for many reasons. Some people discriminate ...

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Let's first look at where discrimination can occur. An example ... Does gender or race affect whether a person gets paid more even with the same job? Let's look ...