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Easter falls on the Sunday after the Paschal full moon, which changes yearly.
The date of the Paschal full moon does not correspond directly to any astronomical event, but is determined by ecclesiastical tables.


The date of Easter Day is usually the first Sunday after the first Full Moon occurring on or ... This soon led to Christians celebrating Easter on different dates . ... In the Gregorian calendar, Easter falls on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25 ...


Apr 25, 2017 ... Answer the question, "Why does the date of Easter change every year?" and learn why the holiday can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25. ... usually celebrate Easter on a different day than Western churches?


In the early days of our Church, just as today, there were many different beliefs. The society was very agricultural, and many religions used the seasons to ...


The date of Easter Sunday, a so-called movable feast day in the Christian Church ... This answer lies primarily in how different people reacted to a centuries-old ... The resulting accord, as commonly stated, was that Easter shall fall on the first ...


Apr 13, 2017 ... This is why Easter lands on a different date every year ... says that in the early days of the Christian Church, Easter would fall on the first Sunday ...


Mar 21, 2008 ... Why does the date of Easter vary by more than a month? ... As a general rule, Easter falls on the first Sunday, following the first full moon after 21 March. But not ... Is this why Easter is on a different day in Eastern Europe? No.


Mar 27, 2017 ... Not only that but the date can be completely different depending on ... Easter falls on Sunday April 16 this year, meaning Good Friday will fall on April ... The Gregorian and Julian calendars add leap days every four years, but ...


Aug 8, 2017 ... Why does the date of Easter change each year? ... The date of Easter changes because the full moon can fall on different days in different time ...


Mar 1, 2010 ... Here's a pop quiz: What date does Christmas fall on every year? Valentine's Day ? St. Patrick's Day? Halloween? What about Easter?