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Why does Hale say he has come to do the devil's work What ...


He says that because he is going to tell the accused to lie and confess ... Why does Hale say he has come to do the devil's work What motivates his action?

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What does Giles believe is Putnam's motivation for accusing people of ... What does Hale advise Proctor to do before stating his case to the court, Get a lawyer. ... Why does Proctor say he is reluctant to go to Salem and tell what Abigail said to him ... at the Proctors' house in Act II, He has come to take away Elizabeth to j...

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Danforth says that man has no right to be here, so why does Herrick let him in? ... Then Parris admits that his niece Abigail has disappeared with Mercy Lewis. He ... Hale responds that he's here to do the Devil's work—to urge Christians to lie.

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Reverend Hale has returned to bring Rebecca Nurse to God. .... HALE: Why, it is all simple, I come to do the Devil's work. ... asks God to make the sun and the moon stand still during a battle, and his request Why does Hale say he ..... (b) Infer: What motivates this ... (a) Recall: What unexpected action does Abigail take in this.

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She says that they will be going to Barbados as soon as the Devil arrives. ... Hale tells Elizabeth that he does not want Proctor to die, as he would then consider himself a ... Proctor asks how he can teach his children to walk like men when he has sold his friends. ... The change in Danforth's overt motivation is important.

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I saw Goody Osburn with the Devil! ... Reverend Hale is an intellectual man, and he has studied witchcraft ... having stated an opinion on witches at all and leaves Hale to his work. ... Slightly taken aback, Giles states that he does not mean to say that his wife is a witch. ... Can you match the Harry Potter spell with its result?

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What has happened in Andover that has made ... make of Danforth? He asks him to postpone the hangings for ... What does Rev. Parris find stuck in his door? What does this suggest about the town? ... What does Hale mean when he says to ... She says she will not tell him what to do. It is his ... with the Devil. When he ...

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Jul 8, 2016 ... I have your back with this complete guide to The Crucible quotes. ... The irony, of course, is that the “marks” of the Devil are nowhere near “definite ... I come into a court”, since in Act 3 Proctor will do that very thing. ... and by the end of the play, Hale feels he has “blood on [his] head” (p. .... New Call-to-act...

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In Part Two of our look at Arthur Miller's The Crucible we will focus on the character and ... He is in actuality, quite a weak man: he does not directly address his .... 'I have seen some reddish work done at night, and I can make you wish you had ... But I will always see that action as something awry in Abigail's charact...

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Hale: . . . Abigail Williams told you it had naught to do with witchcraft! ... he will confirm there are no unnatural causes at work in Salem; after his wife is ... Andover [a nearby town] have thrown out the court, they say, and will have no part of witchcraft. .... Proctor plows on the Lord's day is evidence he is in league with ...