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Aug 6, 2013 ... ... with oxygen leads to the formation of metmyoglobin, a pigment that turns meat brownish-red. ... These color differences do not indicate that the meat is spoiled or old. ... What causes grayish or green color on cured meats?


On a few occasions, with meat from more than one supermarket I have observed prepacked refridgerated diced beef turning greeny/grey a day ...


May 11, 2014 ... Where do these green streaks on the meat come from ? Is it normal and safe to cook it ? It is not really very good-looking... They appear on most ...


Aug 19, 2015 ... I don't blame you if cooking meat makes you nervous. ... as you've probably seen when pre-formed hamburger patties start to turn gray, but are ... Why do I get ground beef that is red on the outside but gray-ish in the middle?


Do you adhere to normal CW about meat freshness or are those ... Old meat tends to show visual signs of oxidation - i.e. turning green/grey.


Does anybody know about green spots on meat, and whether it's safe? .... I would guess turning green because the iron is changing it's ...


Feb 28, 2013 ... The Internets are clogged with threads like, "Why does deli roast beef look ... especially since the main color created by meat diffraction gratings is green. ... Speaking of ham, beef is not the only meat known to have rainbows.


Don't eat green meat. Best case scenario it makes you horribly sick for days on end. Worst case scenario you die in agony. You could eliminate ...


bright red colour, but aged meat does not hold its colour in air as well as non- aged. ... Sometimes the meat surface (and/or weep) turns deep green, and has the ...