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Don't worry, your cat's breath isn't supposed to smell minty fresh-but if there's an extremely strong, ... How Can I Determine the Cause of My Cat's Bad Breath?


Does your feline friend have bad breath? Read how you can rid your cat of bad breath with these 5 easy to use techniques. Click to read more.


Jan 11, 2012 ... If you notice a smell coming from your cat's mouth that makes you wince, ... Afterward, you can start a regimen of tooth brushing for your cat. Yes ...


Oct 26, 2015 ... Got a smelly cat? It usually means there's something wrong. Dr. Marty Becker reveals what your cat's bad breath and other smells might be ...


What does it smell like? I had a cat with severe dental issues and his breath smelled rotten. Now that it's cleared up, his (and everyone else's) ...


Any number of causes may be responsible for chronic bad breath in cats, but ... A variety of conditions can lead to halitosis, including metabolic disorders such ...


Diabetes causes your cat's breath to smell unusually sweet. Gastrointestinal problems, dental infections and liver disease can also lead to stinky breath.


A urine- or ammonia- like smell could indicate kidney disease. ... "A healthy cat's breath should not be offensive," says Eric Davis, DVM, a fellow of the ... Bad breath can also be a sign of diabetes if the breath is sweet, kidney disease if it's ...


Nov 13, 2015 ... A piece of gum wont solve the problem so it's about time to understand what's going on with this furry beast. Why does my cat's breath smell like ...


Bad breath, or halitosis, in your cat could signal an underlying health problem. Regular ... Several factors can contribute to your cat's bad breath, including:.