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Hardware failure and viruses are the primary reasons a computer shuts down unexpectedly. If you're not familiar with computer hardware, consult with an expert before troubleshootin...

PC shuts down unexpectedly - How-To - PC Advisor


Feb 25, 2014 ... PC shuts down unexpectedly: how to fix faulty power supply ... I installed a new motherboard and processor, my PC has been shutting down unexpectedly. .... Does your business qualify for a £3,000 broadband voucher?

Computer turns off without warning - Computer Hope


Reasons why your computer may turns off without warning or after its been on for ... Tip: This document is for computers that turn off and remain off after an ... of the fans, enter the BIOS and make sure the BIOS does not report any errors. ... in your computer could cause your computer to unexpectedly turn off without warning.

Why does my PC shut down randomly? How to fix it - YouTube


Feb 6, 2013 ... How to fix it:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ocZL1BmqWQ4 First time happened to me. First is always a good experience.

Why Does My PC Suddenly Shut Itself Off? | PCWorld


Phil Sydell of Boynton Beach, Florida asks why his PC suddenly shuts down for no perceptible reason. It displays no error message or blue screen of death, and  ...

My PC Randomly Shuts Down By Itself | PCWorld


Pat Taylor's PC randomly shuts down on its own. ... My PC Randomly Shuts Down By Itself. Comments ... the PC. Actually, a sturdy cardboard box does wonders.

Why is my PC shutting down unexpectedly? - Computing.Net


My PC has been unexpectedly shutting down and freezing whether gaming, internet .... [Solved] Why does my computer randomly shut down?

Computer Shuts Down Unexpectedly - Computers - Windows 7


This has been an ongoing problem for a while now. My computer shuts down unexpectedly at seemingly random times. I've checked many ...

Computer shuts off unexpectedly [Solved] - Homebuilt - Systems ...


Hey all, Thanks for taking a second to review my problem. I've built ... Problem: The computer shuts down only when I am really dogging it. ... Does anyone have any other applications I should use to test what is causing this?

How to Troubleshoot a Computer Shutting Down | Business ...


Unexpected shutdowns are among the most troubling of all computer problems. When your PC shuts down unexpectedly, you could lose hours of unsaved work and ... Disadvantages of Shutting Down Your Computer Nightly · Why Does ... It Shuts Down · How to Shut Down VirtualBox · Should I Turn My Computer Off Every .....

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Q: Why does my computer shuts down unexpectedly - PC Desktops.
A: Is it overheating, and shutting itself down to prevent "fatal" damage? Are all the fans inside the desktop working correctly? Read More »
Source: www.fixya.com
Q: Why does my computer shut down unexpectedly ? without any warnin?
A: you need to check is it getting hot before it stucks? i think there is some problem with your processor heating up, or sometimes RAM is the problem of crash. yo... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Why does my computer keep shutting down unexpectedly?
A: Your cooling fan speed is tooooooooo slow! My PIII in box cooling fan speed is around 4800-5100 rpm! For your CPU temps, you should check it after you played li... Read More »
Source: www.experts-exchange.com
Q: Why does my computer keep shutting down unexpectedly?
A: I would test the RAM again Test the RAM NOTE IF THIS DOESN'T FIND ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE RAM THIS DOESN'T MEAN THE RAM IS GOOD you would need to swap out the R... Read More »
Source: www.experts-exchange.com
Q: Why does my computer keep shutting down unexpectedly
A: One thing it could be is windows update. Windows update can be frustrating and will download windows components in the background. To complete update windows wi... Read More »
Source: www.fixya.com