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WebMD reports that the main reasons that dogs drink an excessive amount of water are dehydration, illness, medication and diet. Most dogs needs 1 ounce of fluid per pound of body w...

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My Dog is Drinking a Lot of Water (Polydipsia) - Pet Health Network


Jun 29, 2015 ... Does it seem like your dog is drinking more water than usual? ... too little water can lead to dehydration while drinking too much water can be ...

Dog Always Thirsty? How Much Water Is Too Much? - Pets - WebMD


WebMD discusses how much water dogs need and how to know if your dog is drinking too much water, as well as how to know if it signals a problem.

Symptoms To Watch For In Your Dog: Excessive Drinking


Mar 27, 2010 ... Depending on other symptoms, excessive drinking can be a sign of a ... and my vet does the same thing..she been drinking a lot of water and ...

Increased Urination and Thirst in Dogs | petMD


Polydipsia refers to an increased level of thirst in dogs, while polyuria refers ... conditions are an increase in urination, and drinking much more water than usual .

Dog Always Thirsty? How Much Water Is Too Much? on MedicineNet


Does your dog have an infection? ... Dogs that drink excessive quantities of water without an obvious explanation should always be examined for underlying ...

Why is my dog drinking more water than usual? - Exceptional Canine


If you find yourself filling the water bowl more than usual, even if your dog is otherwise ... Excessive drinking is called polydipsia, and because what goes in must ...

Reasons Why Dogs Drink Excessive Amounts of Water | Pets4Homes


Dogs are renowned for being messy drinkers which makes it hard to gauge just how much they are consuming on a daily basis. The rule of thumb is that a dog...

Is Your Old Dog Drinking Water Excessively? - The Dogington Post


Mar 6, 2012 ... On average, dogs require about 30 ml. (1.01 ounces) of water per pound of weight every 24 hours. If you're concerned about the amount of ...

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Q: Why does my dog drink so much water?
A: Make sure that she is checked for Diabetes. This will cause excessive water drinking. Diabetes can be a cause of excessive intake as well as renal problems. Alt... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Why does my dog drink so much water?
A: My dogs are drinking a lot more because the winter air is a lot drier. Could be an issue with her kidneys though. Just call your vet and they'll tell you if she... Read More »
Source: answers.yahoo.com
Q: Why Does My Dog Drink So Much Water? She Is Not Diabetic?
A: There are many things that can cause increased thirst and thus increased urination. Kidney disease, liver problems, diabetes, Cushing's disease, urinary tract ... Read More »
Source: pets-animals.blurtit.com
Q: Why does my guinea pig drink so much water?
A: Guinea pigs do normally drink lots of water; they can go through a bottle a day at times. Hot weather can increase the amount they are drinking as Read More »
Source: www.chacha.com
Q: Why Does My Dog Drink So Much?
A: Does your dog have access to water while you're at work? Dogs need to drink about 1 litre of water per day, and sometimes if they only get access in the evening... Read More »
Source: www.blurtit.com