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A dog's constant, repetitive licking of objects or surfaces is a problem whose frequency is difficult to determine. This licking may occur often, but because it seems ...

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Apr 4, 2015 ... Does your dog do strange things? Repetitive behaviors that seem to have no purpose? People wonder and ask me why their dogs do many ...

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Related: Why do dogs lick? Sincerely, Jeni & Gina. Jeni,. I think you're correct that the dog problem here is coming from Gina's anxiety. And it sounds like a very ...

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Jan 30, 2014 ... The usual reason for dogs licking at things is that they are curious by nature, and they want to investigate things around them. They use it to ...

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Sep 13, 2010 ... By Linda Cole. Dog behavior can be hard to figure out. Some dogs spend their days licking everything in sight. Why do dogs lick walls, floors, ...

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Okay, just like, 5 minutes ago my dog started licking everything. .... Would a dog having a seizure be able to focus even for a few seconds?

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Jun 30, 2009 ... Dogs lick the floor clean when we drop the yogurt; they lick their chops after they' ve eaten something tasty; they lick our faces, or try to, when we ...

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Jun 1, 2012 ... Q:My dog Winston is a 10-year-old dachshund who obsesses over shadows ... not to cause compulsive behavior in them, it often does in dogs.

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Why does my dog lick the couch? ... Dogs carry out their frustration and worry by taking on compulsive behaviors, including appearing to lick everything in sight.

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Dogs and puppies often love to lick your face, neck, feet and hands to show their ... Your dog will learn to stop licking because he does not wish to hurt you.

Dogs lick faces as a form of greeting. Licking may also be used as a means of bonding or showing affection.
If your dog seems to be licking itself or other things excessively, it's best to take it to the veterinarian.
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You know you are the lucky owner of a professional licker when your dog can lick 100 items a minute and you have considerably less house cleaning to do.

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... health issue. A dog who is constantly licking may just need something better to do, ... My dog licks everything — furniture, clothes and me! How do I get her to ...

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While licking people and objects is generally a normal dog behavior, compulsively licking anything in sight can signal another problem, like anxiety, ...