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My cat, who is about 15, was also licking me while I was reading the article. It's actually what made me decide to Google it. She loves to lick my arms, neck, face,  ...

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Why does your cat lick you? ... as I was holding him away from my face and getting ready to put him back in his cage, he extended his body toward me and licked ...

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Feb 23, 2015 ... She won't lick my face, thank goodness, but my arm, elbow, and hand are fair game! ... So How DO Cats Always Land on Their Feet, Anyway?

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Mar 5, 2015 ... Just be sure your cat is not allowed to lick you in the face. “Pets can harbor many bacterial organisms in their mouth,” says Dr. Donna Solomon, ...

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Feb 3, 2015 ... Besides for affection, why does my cat lick my face? Breeanna Lehman There might not be a reason other than affection for your cat's behavior.

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If you own a cat, then you probably might have experienced its licks too. Perhaps on your face, feet and hands? This may sometimes make you wonder why ...

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"Please don't stop scratching my head." ... Animal Planet: What Does it Mean When Your Cat Licks You? ... Why Do Cats Lick Each Other when They Greet? ... What Does It Mean When Your Kitten Keeps Putting Her Face to Your Face?

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Jul 15, 2011 ... You're minding your own business when your cat comes up and starts licking you and you don't know why. Find out what it means when your ...

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When your cat bites and licks you, it can mean different things at different times. ... His tail starts to twitch and he gets that annoyed look on his face. ... What to Do for Cats That Won't Stop Licking & Itching · Why Does My Cat Pull His Hair Out?

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Jan 2, 2015 ... Sometimes my cat will come to cuddle, then if I give her my hand, she will lick ... He'll wrap his paws around my hand/arm and bite lightly followed by licking. ... my face for a few seconds, and then lightly bites my nose/a nostril.

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Q: Why does my kitten lick my face?
A: my male kitten does this to me all the time! its well sweet, ive always known it to be showing sighns of affection. Read More »
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Q: Why does my kitten lick my face?
A: Grooming is a sign of affection. She is giving you love. They say love hurts,LOL! Read More »
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Q: Why does my Kitten like to lick my face?
A: Tthis is natural behavior and kittens find it very comforting (it reminds them of mom and of being cozy and cared Read More »
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Q: Why does my kitten try to lick my face?
A: Our new kitten is constantly trying to climb into my lap and lick my face. Sometimes it gets playful and nips at my chin. And, I can't figure out the strange be... Read More »
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Q: Why does my 6 week old kitten lick my face all the time.
A: That's just the cat's way of showing affection.! Read More »
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